Thursday, 29 October 2009

Darkmoon Cards Part 2 - ARgggg

What with the Darkmoon Faire coming Alliance side soon I can see the price of Eternal Life going up. 2 days ago they were going for as low as 10g now it's 20g-30g

So I bought up 48 Eternal Lifes at an average to 25g each - that's 1200g.

Enough to make 16 darkmoon cards. Thats 96 Snowfall Inks. 1152g

9g worth of Parchement and 96g worth of IotS

For a total of 2,457g (I think)

16 cards should give me 4 nobles cards on average. What do I get?
3 undeath cards (value ~ 500g)
4 Prisms cards (value ~ 200g)
8 Chaos cards (value ~ 300g)
1 YES - FUCKING ONE Nobles Cards (value 350g)

Total spent: 2450g
Total possible returned: 1350
Total Loss (Best Case): 1100g

Fucking get in there RNG - You Bastard!

So I did a bit of swapping and buying and made the Chaos deck which MAY sell for 450g.

Fingers crossed that'll bring the loss down to 1K gold. FUCK!

Yes I am taking into account a snowfall ink price of 12g. I no longer consider them a free bi-product of milling. I factor in a price of snowfall so I can spend more on inks and keep my IotS price down at 2g a pop.

EDIT: Good Fucking God. That Fucking Chaos deck already sold. I thought I was risking it put it up at 125% auctioneer value at 499g. But NO. It sold within hours, returning my 9gold deposit but taking a 25gold cut giving me 484 gold. Maybe I should have held out for more??

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