Sunday, 25 October 2009

Money Money Money

OK, went away to a wedding this weekend. 15:00 Friday - 16:00 Sunday with no WoW. So I slammed all my glyphs on for 48 hours at the last moment and drive off to Robin Hood Country.

Got pissed up at the wedding and got back to a couple of mail boxes full of 2g glyph sales and an auction house full of cheap herbs. I blew 1500g on herbs.

So I finished crafting up to 20 of each glyph after spending hours milling etc. and got back on track.

Total Prize Fund:
20/10 24,020
22/10 27,126
25/10 30,490

But now I am up to a full stack of each glyph so all crafting from now on will be replacement, so I can keep my gold from sales :P

Still not found a reliable way to get rid of Snowfalls but I've nearly liquidated my Arctic Fur supply.



Ardent Defender said...

Try making "Runescroll of Fortitude" as a "test" and test selling it on your server and see how much competition you usually have selling those anyway as well. Crafting them yields 5 as a stack on craft. But I sell them in 3's for odd reasons on my server. However for odd reasons they sell as well that way and on my server not much people seem to be selling them for unknow reasons. When I sell then in 3's as a stack I sell then each for around 12g a piece but they are bundled in 3's so its like 35.xx bid and 36g buy on the scrolls. I never sell them individually for odd reasons just to confuse people and instead of people just buying one i'm making them buy all three :) Funny thing is they sell on my server and that helps to get rid of the snowfall but at a profitable price slowly. I just dont flood the market with the scrolls either up on AH.

Anyway test that and see how it goes to get rid of the Snowfall Inks while maintaing some profit with those inks. I dont really like to sell the snowfall inks for odd reasons either. Someone might buy up my inks cheap craft the runescrolls and then undercut me back, funny AH tactics.

HolyWarrior said...

Thanks for the advice. Not many selling but they are constantly at 5g each. I manage to get around 5 sold a day at 5g each. so thats 25g per SFI, just bloody slow. trying some offhands now.

The epics aren't selling so started on the cards. Bought up some Eternal Lifes and started going for the nobles. 7 crafts gave me 2 nobles so thats about average I've heard.

I have an 800g bid on 7 of nobles so I am happy after spending 350 gold on the eternals!!!

Darkmoon coming soon so better start crafting and getting SFI on the AH.

Ardent Defender said...

Another thing you can do to try and get rid of some snowfall is to try and sell a Tome of each of the two you can craft. For one it gets rid of Frozen Orbs. And if you dont have they are cheap on AH, On mine they like 25g each. A tome takes a few Snowfalls. But usually not many tomes are on my AH so i put up just one of each a day at 425-450g.

They sell slowly over 24-48hrs. But its profit. Every now on then someone has one or two up and i can only guess someone thats leveling. But if you look at those two items they aren't many ever up on my server. So i just craft and replace on AH, sell, craft and replace on AH. Profitable item on my AH. But in short it helps to get rid of a few Snowfall Inks as well as Frozen Orbs.