Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Goblin Update

Well, Glyph fans, here is the latest update; and here is my Scribe. Cute ain't he?

The secondary glyph seller has now got Mage, Warlock, Shaman and Priest Glyphs while the main seller has the others.

The main seller was up to 3000 gold at the weekend but has churned that all back into northrend herbs that are selling for less than 10g/stack. High-end northrend herbs are still selling at around 17-35g a stack and my calculations on a per pigment basis (ignoring snowfalls) are that they need to be under 14g / stack to be worthwhile.

Of course, there is always the argument that I'll get that extra icy pigment out of them so it's worthwhile. However, I have enough on my plate trying to get this glyph business straight in my head!!!

So anyway, the state of play tonight assuming an IotS is 2g and a glyph minimum* sale is 5g on my server.

Crafter has:
350 Snowfall Ink** - Currently selling for 13g = 4550g
414 Ink of the Sea - 828g (minimum*** glyph value = 1853g)
237 Actual gold
Total: 6640g

Seller One has:
ploughed back 6000g in herbs back to crafter
has 0g currently
holds 1480 glyphs of 111 different types = 7400g (minimum)
Total: 7400g

Seller Two has:
ploughed back 0g
has 380g currently
holds 680 glyphs of 70 different types = 3400g (minimum)
Total: 3780g

So if I were to be able to liquidate all my assets tommorrow I would have 17,820 gold for an initial seed of about 4000g in just over 4 weeks. 3.5K a week anyone?

Looking at it more simplistically; I have actually had sales of 5286g and ploughed that back in for potential profit and have only a bunch of glyphs to show for it ... Hmmm?

What have I actually got? 617g - LOL!!! Admitedly I did spend about 3000g on herbs and cheap pigments to up my stock levels...

...but 617 Gold!!

Next week? Who knows, but I want to start syphoning off some of this gold now so I actually have something to show for it.

HW has 14K after buying loads of epic gems
EB has 3K after the tailoring debacle.
My AH Banker has 9K from AH speculation once in a blue moon
I have (potentially) 17K tied up in glyphs
500g on each serious alt, so another 3K

My total worth: 46K, give or take. I want to make that 100K by Christmas.

*Obviously some glyphs sell for shit and would take years to sell at 5g, but a lot of others sell for the fall back price of 59g so happy days!!!

** Could add 2g50s and get 5 x runescroll of fortitude/ink selling for 20gold = 6125g

*** includes 50s for resilient parchment


Breevok said...

Something I just realised - make sure you buy (at least) your resilient parchment with you main - or a toon who's exalted with the Kirin Tor. It cuts the price in Dalaran from 50s to 40s - which isnt much but when you are buying 200+ parchments thats 20g in your pocket rather than the vendors :)

HolyWarrior said...

Yeah, realised that one rather late. I COD the parchment over from my main now. Just to keep the accounts in order :P