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Hallows End Achievement Guide 2009

Starts this Sunday morning at 01:00 server time - that's Midnight BST - yes we are still in summer time in England.

Achievements guide update coming soon....

OK, Achievement Guide Update ... that's gonna be hard, I never wrote one to start with, either that or it's sat in draft format 8 pages back where I never venture anymore!!

So, without Further ado I had better get this guide started.

To get the Title "The Hallowed" you have to get the meta achievement "Hallowed Be Thy Name" - apt eh? yeah I like it.

Anywhose.... for that you need the following achievements:

Bloody Easy:
Trick or Treat - Get some candy from a bucket in an Inn.
That Sparkling Smile - Use a tooth pick

Not Too Bad:
The Saviour of Hallows End - Complete a quest to save a village from the HH
Rotten Hallow - Crash the Wickerman Festival and clean up stink bombs

Little More Difficult/Annoying:
G.N.E.R.D. Rage - 50 HKs while you have the G.N.E.R.D. buff

Time Consuming/More Annoying:
Check Your Head - Use a weighted Jack-o-lantern on a player of each race
The Masquerade - Get transformed into a bat, ghost, Leper Gnome, Ninja, Pirate, Skeleton and Wisp.
Tricks and Treats of Azeroth - Do the tricks and Treats of Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms and Outland. Go to lots of candy buckets all over the world.

Bloody Hard If You're Not Level 80:
Bring me the Head of... Oh Wait - Kill the Headless Horseman
Out With It - Eat so many tricky treats you get an upset tummy
Sinister Calling - Obtain a Sinister Squashling and a Hallowed Helm

Not included in Meta:
The Mask Task - WTF - what's so hard about getting 1 fucking mask. Fucking QQers have won again, lazy M&S wankers.
A Mask for all Occasions - Stupid if it was included.

The Walkthrough:
OK, so we'll start with the meat and potatoes of the meta achievment Trick or Treat. You'll be doing a lot of this, so it's nice that the first time gives you an achievement. Go to the Inn near the bank in Ironforge. Speak to the innkeeper and get trick/treated. He'll give you a treat bag. This has a chance to contain one of the many things you'll need like Tooth Picks, Hallowed Wands, Masks, Hallowed Helm and Sinister Squashling. So make sure you do this every hour (you can only do it once an hour). Now click the Candy Bucket with a big yellow ! This will give you a handful of candy and your first achievement.

The Saviour of Hallows End.
Now head down to Kharanos and pick up the quests for firefighting etc, do them all and make sure to pop into the inn for the Candy Bucket. The next quest should be "Let The Fires Come" this will involve the headless horseman setting fire to the village. Hopefully there will be lots of people around to help but the fires out. Hang around for the headless horseman to attack and make sure to help put out the fires. When he is dead at the end of the event loot the pumpkin he leaves behind so you can go hand in the quest for your next achievement. If he wins you could always hang around waiting for another try or when you get to Goldshire hope he is there then. Don't hang around wasting time.

Rotten Hallow
OK, moving on. Lets pop to Loch Modan for the Candy Bucket there, then head up to Menethil Harbour and do the Candy Bucket there before heading over to Southshore. Here you'll pick up the 2 quests from Sergeant Hartman near the inn. Pop into the inn and do the Candy Bucket. If the stink bombs are about (orange clouds near the quest giver) then use the cleanser, otherwise head west to Tirisfal Glades through Silverpine forest. Just after you enter Silverpine you will come across some people hanging around, get close enough and you should get a quest complete for the Wickerman festival. Head back to Southshore and han around for the stink bombs if you haven't got it done already.

Keep on Moving.
Now you want to go get the Candy Bucket from Aerie Peak in the Hinterlands and Lights Hope Chapel in Easter Plaguelands. Hope the horde haven't killed the Southshore flight master. Annoying fuckers have a habit of doing that on my server!!

Your HS should be available now so HS and portal to Stormwind (your hearthstone is set to Dalaran right?). Stop off and do the Candy Bucket in the Trade District on the way to Goldshire. When in Goldshire do the Candy Bucket, maybe refresh your trick or treat with the Innkeeper if it's been an hour and then finish the Headless Horseman fires thing if you didn't do that in Kharanos.

Keep on truckin':
You have some more travelling to do. Redridge, Darkshire, Sentinel Hill and Booty Bay await your sweet tooth. Once you have done here you will have picked up Tricks and Treats of Eastern Kingdoms. You are 1/3 of the way to Tricks and Treats of Azeroth.

Over to Kalimdor:
You need to go do these Candy Buckets. Ratchet > Dustwallow Marsh (Theramore) > Dustwallow Marsh (Mudsprocket) > Tanaris > Silithus > Feathermoon Stronghold > Nijel's Point > Stonetalon Mountains > Ashenvale > Auberdine > Winterspring > Exodar (Seat of the Naaru) > Azure Watch > Blood Watch > Darnassus (Craftsmen's Terrace) > Dolanaar.

Take a Break ... Take a Shit.
...Or do some PvP. You have should have plenty of G.N.E.R.D.S. by now and you will surely be sick and fucking tired of travelling and clicking Candy Buckets. Your Dentist certainly is. Or is that Orthodontist or something else overly complicated like the Americans like to do. DENTIST - much easier to say. LOL. It doesn't come over well on a blog. But I'm having a laugh. My american friends know my sense of humour. You don't. You'll have to get over it if your a septic. Thats A septic. Not aseptic.

Speaking of which, you should also have managed to loot some Tooth Picks by now. Use one. *cough* That Sparkling Smile.

Ramble Ramble Ramble, now where the fuck was I? Oh yeah. You should have plenty of GNERDS now so go into Alterac Valley. Find a nice hiding place in the home base. Neck some GNERDS and then /afk* those 50HKs you need. Et Voila G.N.E.R.D. Rage, Oh and while your in there use some of those weighted jack-lantern's you've got (What? You haven't got any yet? Tough Shite, keep trying!) on peeps for Check Your Head.

Still Bored?
OK, HS back to Dullaran and finish off putting Jack-o-Lanterns on people so that you can get Check Your Head. I am sure that last year it was certain classes of a race. ie put a pumpkin on a Tauren Warrior, Orc Shaman, Dranei Priest etc... Or was it Female Taruen, Male Orc etc. I am pretty damm sure Blizz dummed down something else. Twats.

Anyway, so while your sat in Dullaran bored out of your tiny little mind you have something else to do. You will be spamming /trade asking to buy/sell/trade your wands so that you can get The Masquerade.

Anyway ... On To Outland:
...and these Candy Buckets. Shattrath(TF) > Allerian Stronghold(TF) > Wildhamer Stronghold(SMV) > Aldor/Scryer Inn(SMV) > Telaar(Nag) > Telredor(ZM) > Cenarion Refuge(ZM) > Orebor Harborage(ZM) > Sylvanaar(BEM) > Toshey's Station(BEM) > Evergrove(BEM) > Area 52(NS) > Stormspire(NS) > Temple of Telhamat(HP) > Honour Hold(HP)

Once you've done that lot you have Tricks and Treats of Azeroth.

The Hard Part:
Now all you have to do is kill the Headless Horseman in the Graveyard of Scarlet Monastery for Bring me the Head of... Oh Wait. Then eat a load of Tricky Treats that you loot from his body and throw ... err ... get Out With It. And pray and pray and pray that the Hallowed Helm and the Sinister Squashling drop for Sinister Calling.

Guys and Gals - This is probably what's gonna fuck you over. Neither HW nor EB could get either last year. (level 1 alts managed it - fucks sake) HW managed to get the helm, that is all. That is the main reason why EB still hasn't got the Violet Proto Drake and HW got it yesterday. Rather than when Brewfest hit.

So anyway, you have to hope they drop. The other alternative is you make damm sure you hit those fucking Innkeepers every hour in the hope of a drop from the Treat Bag. And make sure you stop an Inn burning down every day in case you find one in a Crudely Wrapped Gift.

3 ways to get either or both of them. All a pain in the fucking arse. Good Luck :P

*don't actually type /afk. If you were thinking about typing /afk at that point then try Alt-F4 instead, it's much less painful.

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