Sunday, 11 October 2009

Goblin Update.

OK, I now have som many glyphs I have had to take over one of my sons characters as a second glyph banker/auctioneer. She is doing mage and warlock glyphs and has made 1 sale this weekend!!!

Oh well.

I have been keeping track off how much each glyph has sold for and the results for the first month (I started selling glyphs on 11 September) are in.

I had 2 Pack of Endless Pockets full of IotS at one point, now I have less than 200!!

Anyways, I am reckoning that each ink costs 2 gold based on herb prices on my server and that is what I am basing my production costs on. Snowfalls I see as the free bonus (I know other people see it the other wat round, but hey ho!!)

Total glyphs known: 175*
Initial Investment: 2.5K
Production Cost: 1.9K
Total Sales: 6K

I have 1.4K sat on by banker, and 700 on the scribe. My mage/lock seller has about 300 glyphs in stock and my main seller has about 1200 glyphs in stock. So 1500 Glyphs at a minimum sale value of 5g is 7.5K

I am slowly ramping up the stock levels from 10 of each glyph to 20 of each glyph and will soon have to move priest and shammy glyphs over to banker 2.

But now I have started using Quick Auctions 2 and Lil sparky and things are a lot quicker!!

*fucked off minor research for the first couple of weeks no realising how lucrative some can be - oops!!

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