Thursday, 22 October 2009

Goblin Update .. Err 5?? The Value of Herbs.

Anyway, I know we're about 21 hours early on this bi-daily update but was just gonna mention that I changed my tactic.

1. I have reduced my 1ink threshold down to 2g99s. Any profit is profit man!!
2. I have reduced my 2ink threshold down to 4g99s. ditto
3. I have stopped keeping track of the price I sold every single fucking glyph. Enough is Enough. Seriously though. I ran it for 4 weeks. I have a fair idea of the most popular glyphs now.
4. [observation] Post-Server maintenance is a good time to get on early.
5. I've stopped keeping a close track on what herbs give best value... see below
6. Sideline. I'm buying up cheap Borean Leather and BL scarps in advance of 3.3 I'm also SLOWLY selling off my Arctic Fur. Fur will be buyable for 10 Heavy Borean Leather. As everyone else has predicted BL will explode. Arctic Fur will dive. That's what I am banking on.
7. Ramping up my Netherweave bag business. Those fuckers sell fast don't they?


After 1778 mills Tiger Lilly gave me 4471 pigments and 448 Icys. That 2.51 pigments/mill and 1.00 Icy/stack.

After 963 mills Deadnettle gave me 2446 pigments and 245 Icys. That's 2.54 pigments and 1.00 Icy/stack.

That's good enough data for now for them mofos

As for the others? I've done 155 Adders, 217 Icethorn and 12 Lich mills to give 3.01, 2.90 and 3.33 pigments/mill and 0.53, 0.53 and 0.75 Icys/mill.

These ones need much more volume to give me a definitive answer but the numbers are looking good for a 3pigs/mill and a 2icy/stack.

Also, VERY IMPORTANT. I need to level my bankers up to level 10. God forbid I got hacked but if I did: Bliztards apparently won't restore characters under level 10.


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