Sunday, 31 August 2008

The Tanketh Doth Return

We had another succesful raid tonight. I was invited and held off respeccing in case I was needed as prot and we had 9 healers signed!

Both NicePallyClassLeader and myself got to pally tank?

So we went in, we did our stuff, easily did trash waves - 2 tankadins FTW!!

I swapped over to healing for the bosses and walked out of there with another 4 badges.

Except I didn't walk out of there. A warrior and I went for a little walk up the hill behind the horde camp and tried to get to Winterspring!!

He'd jump down and if he died I would jump and bubble then res him and we'd wait for the bubble cooldowns.

We got to the edge of the instance, very flat-earth-esque!! We tried a running jump off the edge but got stuck on the edge in mid-air.

We tried to HS - "can't do that while moving" - WTF!! We tried the auto unstick - "Can't do that while moving" oopsy!!

We could have put in a ticket but we logged out and hoped we'd get booted from the instance.

Update 01/09/2008: When I logged in tonight I was outside the instance!

Badge Total: 36

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