Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Refer a Friend

So Blizzard have a new encourage multi-boxers recruit a friend scheme. What you do is send yourself friend an invite via the link on the WoW web site and youthey get an email with a 10 day trial key.

YouThey also get a link to download the game which will probably take anywhere from between 6 hours and 3 weeks depending on yourtheir broadband connection, but your already have it so wtf?.

So, once youthey use the key to create their trial account(at this stage youthey don't have to supply payment details, yours and err yourstheir accounts are linked.

This has several advantages:

  1. You can summon a player from the other account once an hour
  2. For every 2 levels a character on the invitees account earns they can grant a level to a lower level char on the inviter's account.
  3. When a character from each account is in a party together they earn triple XP as long as they are the same or lower level. NB. The XP appears to first suffer the grouping penalty and then this modified XP is tripled.
  4. When the invitee purchases 30 days playtime the inviter gets 30 days free.
  5. When the invitee purchases 60 days playtime the inviter gets a Zhevra mount.
(1-3 only apply to characters under 60)

I signed myself up for account number 3. And bought the battle chest for £20 under the assumption that the tight bastards will insist that you buy a retail version for the keys to activate the full account.

...oh and I finally got the shield I mentioned here.

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