Thursday, 7 August 2008

Last Raid For A While

The holiday season is taking it's toll. This is probably going to be the last raid of August as we now have 4 healers on holiday.

We managed to fill out a raid but only had 5 healers. NicePallyClassLeader had a poll. MH or BT. The overwhelming choice was BT.

So, off we trot to Mount Hyjal. LOL.

We kick off not too late and we get to WinterTwat in good time. I get ice tombed practically the instant the fight started, in all the rushing of bodies to get into position and Rage being positioned I did not even notice. I died! Oops!

Next off TiceNits got the tomb, she ice blocked out. Then again; she trinketted out of it. Then again ... err ... just like me last week. 3 in a row, only 2 ways to get out of it, both on cooldown. One dead mage.

He dies anyway. So onto AnEnema.

As usual I had forgotten my Shadow Resistance gear so I was the infernal tank's healer. I got targetted and ran about a bit and then got killed by it. Ooops. Maybe I should have run around it rather than trying to go through it!!

Shortly afterwards we wipe. We start the whole trash grind again and get to the boss, who helpfully resists a distract, but we get around that, and this time we killed him.

Too Late for a 3rd boss so we grab the epic gems and call it a night; after I start the 3rd bosses trash waves of course.

4 badges so 51 now (still haven't bought that sheild yet). Apparently the ZA one is great.

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Galoheart said...

The ZA one is very nice.

Summer seem to be affecting WoW all over as well as the looming expansion.