Monday, 18 August 2008

Trial of the Naaru: Magtheridon

Come raid time last night we had about 15 people in the raid and it was decided we'd go to Maggy and fill up the raid with friends etc. WooHoo! Hoping this was going to go better than last weeks tries I hop straight into ...

... another Arathi Basin. LOL.

Eventually we got the raid filled out an in we went. We cleared down to him easily enough and then assigned clickers and tanks and off we went.

Fast Channeller Deaths.
We started the last channeler with 20 seconds left before Maggy release and this was geneally agreed to be a very good sign and the channeller dropped just as Maggy came -a-calling!

I ran in Seal and Judgement of Wisdom going and never drop below 75% mana. Then the cave in thing came as we were bouncing about and the tank went splat as all the healers were getting bounced or running.

I personally got thrown right in front of him and I was running hoping not to get an unlucky cleave thing, and I couldn't bubble cos I just used it on the last bouncy thingy.

He was well below 20% when I threw a DI on another pally.

Assign Backup Clickers.
We repeated the channeller deaths before Maggy came out and started on him again, very nice.

Unfortunately TiceNits, who was a clicker, died just as she clicked her cube at 20%. The raid took a whole wedge of damage but no deaths, people shouted for someone to cover her cube but no-one did.

I spotted the absence of a clicker just before Maggy started casting and me and another pally ran for her cube. I just got within range and was clicking on the cube as the Blast Nova killed us all. Wipe number 2 with Maggy's HP % appraoching single figures :(

I was sure that backup clickers had been discussed at the beginning, but apparently it was decided not to bother. I was a little vociferous about this in TeamSpeak and backup clickers were assigned.

That's the way to do it.
Once backup clickers were assigned we began attempt number 3 with my hopes of "Champion of the Naaru" fading fast.

Channellers down before Maggy released again and into the fight proper. The roof fell in and I got thrown in front of Maggy and nearly died. Box clicking going very well and BANG - Maggy down!!!!

Loot was rolled for (as we had a lot of non-guildies) on a prio for mains basis. The T4 chest was actually an upgrade for one of our pallies who comes to MH and BT with us, so he got it no argument.

I won absolutely nothing except for a quest complete and 3 more badges of justice.

Round Up
So Sunday afternoon's Arcatraz run netted HW another 4 badges so taking the total up to 55 and then the 3 from Maggy brings me up to 58.

HolyWarrior handed the Trials quest in and got 25 gold, a ring with fire resistance on it (and stamina) lolwut??? and the title Champion of the Naaru!

So now we just need Vashj and Kael down so I can finish Vials of Eternity and get the Hand of A'dal title!

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