Monday, 11 August 2008

Arena Weeks #5 and #6

Totally forgot about Arena week 5 - oops!

So into Arena Week #6 we have 1000 odd points and a rating of 1271.

I didn't manage to get any 3v3 action, but TiceNits' and I did our 10 2v2s.

We start with 3 wins giving us 43 points and this is swiftly followed by 3 losses to one of the teams we beat earlier. They swapped their rogue out for a hunter and easily beat us taking 49 points in total from us.

Next up we get 2 more wins with our second +17 of the evening and a +10 and follow that up with 2 losses of -12 each.

5-5 with only -3 points lost overall

So we finish with a rating of 1268.

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