Sunday, 3 August 2008

Failed Raid. Summertime Blues?

As summer comes round many people have been reporting that raids are tailing off as not enough people can sign up. It has started to happen to our guild and hit last night.

We had a Mount Hyjal Az'Galore and ArchiMonkey raid planned but not enough sign ups. Come raid start time we had 20 people in the raid.

Did we give up and go grind something? No. We went and took our first look at Kazzak. Yep - we've never even tried him and as such out wowjutsu rating is unnecessarily low.

Ironically by the time we started on him we had invited a few friends and ex-guildies and we had 30 in the raid. Typical.

So we one-shot him - Wahey!!

We've also never done DoomWalker, so we went and one shot him too!! Well, at least that's 2 more points on our wowjutsu rating!!

I was buzzing him on my flying mount before we started and he smacked me one. He took me from 10,400HP down to 100HP - OUCH!

So having done that the raid shrunk considerably but 7 of us went for Onyxia. I have only been attuned for Onyxia a few weeks and I really wanted to see her.

I died near the start of the fight, to some fire, I think it was a phase transition. DOH! But even bigger DOH was that then I released so I never got to see all the fight :(

But she was one shotted easily with just a shammy healing and me and the other shammy dead, so 5 manned for most of the fight!

Then we went off to find some old-world bosses. First stop Hinterlands and Emeriss was up. He is apparently very hard but we gave a good account of ourselves getting him down to 66%.

We decided to go try the others (even with my warning that they may not be up). So we got out bodies back and started running towards Aerie Peak. About half way there we run into a PvP flagged level 52 Tauren Warrior. He must have been cacking his pants as 7 level 70s ran past him and he realised he was still flagged (probably from ganking some poor level 40 Dwarf).

I pulled a quick U-turn and rode back after him (epic mount FTW), stunned and holy shocked him and a goodly chunk of his health was gone already. He valiantly popped retaliation just as 6 other level 70s dis-mounted and finished him off!

Plenty of laughs as well as "poor guy" in Teamspeak as we continued onto Duskwood to find a distinct absence of Dragon :(

Ashenvale, no Dragon. We popped to Azshara to see if the ghost dragon was alive. Nope, a ghost. He is not one of the 4 world bosses and I am not entirely sure what makes him come out, maybe it's a quest. Anyway, onwards to our last hope, Feralas. But no dragon there either.

Guess it's gonna be a Crossroads raid then!!

We stormed into Crossroads and obliterated it. That was fun :) A poor little level 10 came running at me and I 1-shotted him on my way out - Hahahaha!

We all mounted up and got in a follow-train and headed out. Very funny!

Next stop, Razor Hill and some more carnage. A quick little trip to the Orc starting area, but only a few guards to wipe out there.

Onwards to Ogrimar via Razor Hill. A quick stop to wipe out all the guards and trainers there. NicePallyClassLeader gave a level 9 flagged orc a /hug as we went past. I couldn't resist though and I turned back for a quick 1-shot Holy Shock ROFLMFAO!!

By now we were all in hysterics over Teamspeak.

Back door into Ogrimar and got most of the way to the coliseum, having stopped for several guard fights along the way, before the Horde got enough players organised to halt us in our tracks.

By the time most of us were dead and I was down to a few hundred HP my bubble did it's last few cooldown ticks and I was able to Bubble-Hearth to safety at the last minute.

The others were not so lucky and had to do that god-awful corpse run from Razor Hill and then had fun trying to rez out of sight - unsuccessfully. LOL.

All in all a hilarious evening which had by sides aching from laughing so much. See, a failed raid doesn't have to mean no fun, and we got DKP and badges from the 2 Outland world bosses so not a bad night at all really.

45 Badges (33 saved for Shield).

Update: wowjutsu no longer has Kazzak or Doomwalker /sulk

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