Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Arena Week #8

Having bought my Season 4 gloves I was very eager to try them out. TiceNits and I only got to get 3 matches done though before we gave up for the week. With a rating of 1180. We is Crap!!

But I did get a mage and a rogue into the 3v3 team (by booting one of the founding members).

We had a good session winning 5 and losing 5. We got 27 points from one match and we finished off with a net increase of rating at exactly 1400. Nice!!

With my resilience at 354 those buggers had a hard time trying to kill me. One team zerged me at the start hoping to get rid of the healer. Oh no you don't. I held out for a very long time before popping my bubble at around 5-10%.

Too late for them they turned on my DPS buddies, but 2 of their number were already down to 10% themselves and were soon finished off.

A couple of times we met a team with 2 mages. Both POM/Pyro specced. That hurt. But what hurt more was the spelllock that they threw on me straight after, so no heal and no bubble. Dead.

A very fun evening to replace a raid with.

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