Monday, 25 August 2008

Bank Holiday Weekend

It's been late summer bank holiday over here in England today, which usually means that it pisses down with rain the whole weekend.

Well, for once we had a fairly good day here.

So what did I do this weekend? Well I had a wedding reception to go to on friday night, so no Kara run for me.

Saturday morning brings a hangover and a combination of battlegrounds for the Spirit of Competition pet and some shaman levelling.

Saturday evening brings a trip to the boozer...

...leading to massive Sunday morning hangover.

I don't remember doing it at all, but when I got in from the boozer on Saturday Evening I must have logged on and taken my Shaman into AV hoping to get the pet. She did get the pet. My Elephant logs show me getting it out of the mail at 01:37 Sunday Morning!

Whilst struggling with this hangover I get asked to come tank Steam Vaults normal mode.

Respec Prot? You're blooding kidding. I throw the tanking gear on and go tank the whole thing specced holy! I even looted Underworld Loam which for some reason I need for a quest :)

Sunday afternoon is where hair of the dog is required so back to the boozer and this drags on into the evening!

Monday is mostly spent with more shaman and rogue levelling utilising the Tour Guide addon that was mentioned recently on Tauren Army.

I love this addon, you can even go into the data file and add or change things.

I of course had to go in and put various blow job quests in for TiceNits!!

So there you go, no raiding news, links to a couple of great addons, Shaman and Rogue almost complete in Hellfire Peninsula and level 62 or thereabouts and yet more proof of how awesome paladins are, Holy Tanking FTW!

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