Thursday, 28 August 2008

The Waters Have Broken, TiceNits isn't pregnant. We got to go raiding again tonight.

I Gets to Tank
I wasn't really expecting it and I may have had a few too many beers, but we were heading for Mount Hyjal without a tankadin, or at least we were until I respecced protection!!

Woo Hoo - I get to tank Mount Hyjal!!!

Oopsy Respec
So I went and respecced far too quickly, throwing 4 points into the +defence talent before I realised that I was already way over defence cap and combined avoidance - DOH!!

Also throwing 10 points into ret to get the 5% parry of which I probably only need 1 or 2% to hit 102.4% unbuffed (with Holy Shield)

So a lot of points wasted that I could have put into holy for strength and intellect and holy damage for threat or ret for ... well ... retribution threat.

Dependant on talents I may be better off going for the 5% parry and swapping out the last of my avoidance gems for more stamina and damage gems.

Low HP? - lolwut?
Anyway, that's for a different post, we went into Mount Hyjal, I was ~15.1K HP raid buffed. I was hoping for more like 16-17K. As soon as I got there one of the priests told me to trade her the shield. WTF? OK, whatever. I did and she slammed the +18 stamina enchant on it that my last shield had but I had not had time to acquire. Cool.

And then I died and died and died.

Maybe I should let the hunters and warriors peel a couple of abominations off before I start aggroing the whole zone with Holy Wrath, Avengers Shield and Consecration! Not to mention the odd Righteous Defence on those mobs being kited to the NPCs.

But at other times I had every single mob from the wave on me and was fine. I put it down to innatentive healing.

One Down One To Go
Anyway, we took out Rage first go and then went for AnEnema.

Myself and another warrior were assigned infernal tanks and we got the trash down and moved into position. I died to the first infernal that the warrior had grabbed. Ouch.

We wiped and I decided that on the next attempt I would swap into holy gear and off-heal the infernal tank.

Oh Smeg!
We took out the trash and I managed to swap into most of my holy gear before the encounter had started but forgot to drink and had no healing spells on my bars.

I spent the whole of that fight with less than 1K mana spamming down ranked FoLs from my spellbook - LOL

We wiped at 13%.

3rd attempt. I tanked the trash. Swapped into holy gear and drank most of the way up to 100% mana. And still forgot to put my healing macro's on my button bars.

Hmmm Interesting.
So I healed from my spellbook again, but this time only downranked the FoL to experiment with mana expenditure vs mana consumption. I found that I could spam rank 3 or 4 FoL and my mana regen could nearly keep up. If I was actually holy specced the rank 3 or 4 FoL would actually heal for a worthwhile amount and I could probably spam forever!!!

Anyway, we killed him and got the 3rd and 4th badges for the night!!

Badges Before Shield = 58
Badges After Shield = 25
Badges After Raid = 29

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