Sunday, 17 August 2008

Millhouse Manastorm and Other Weekend Fun

Had a pretty productive weekend and it's only going to get better.

Saturday was mostly consumed with battlegrounds and trying to put this list of "acquired" / "working towards" / "what do I put in this slot?" together.

HolyWarrior now has well over 40K honour, in fact it was probably closer to 60K when I went on the spending spree and got the boots, bracers, necklace and trinket.

Sunday morning was mostly spent finishing up that honour grind and then some battlegrounds on various characters trying to get that damm medallion (I have only achieved that on HW so far) while waiting for TiceNit's to be ready to go get her Dreadsteed on her lock.

Trial of the Naaru
Meanwhile, a guildie asked if I wanted to do a heroic. I replied that I only wanted Arcatraz for the Trial of the Naaru quest otherwise I was grinding honour. He agreed and got a group together.

A pally tank (which I think I probably outgeared) and a mage were added to our 3 guildies of SPriest, Rogue and myself and off we went.

First few pulls were easy but then the tank lol-pulled practically the whole of the first bosses room; at least it looked like that. With me trying to get well back I couldn't get a heal onto him in time and he went down, shortly followed by me as I threw a DI on the priest.

Onwards and upwards and the priest dies a without me even noticing a dip in health - one shotted by something. On Delilah the rogue goes down on the very first whirlwind so no healing interrupts :S But we got her down anyway and moved onto her mate who followed her back to the Nether. Unfortunately the SPriest died again while my screen was full of flames!

Finally we get up to the last boss where Millhouse is hanging out. I notice he is PvP so I flag up so that hopefully I can heal him (I don't know if I needed to, but I did anyway) and I can.

We got him down easy with no deaths and I kept Millhouse alive so my quest completed. The boss dropped a very nice set of tanking bracers. Plate, Defence and Intellect. Definitely nice pally tank loot. I let the tank have them but I was sorely tempted to roll. Next Stop Maggy for the last of the Trial quests. What are the odds I'll never go there again?

Dreadsteed Fun
So eventually TiceNits got sorted out and we dragged a guildies alt lvl 70 hunter along with EvilBastard and HolyWarrior to Scholo and Dire Maul.

We had a wipe on Rattlegore trying to get the key because the hunter pulled Rattler just as EB slapped a Seed of Corruption on every mob in site, Rattler went down but the mobs took us out as HW was out of mana from his Corruption, Holy Shock and Exorcism fun - oops! We moved on to Ras and TiceNits' lock sorted out whatever it need to do in the alchemy lab as we toyed with Ras before putting his ass firmly on the floor.

So that done we made our way to Dire Maul. EvilBastard had to go the long way as he was 3K rep shy of being able to take the CoT teleport.

Turned out HolyWarrior was the only one with the Crescent Key, which we didn't even think about until we were at the instance :P Phew!

After a fairly un-eventful run around Dire Maul west taking out 3 of the Pylons, we took out the big tree Tendris Warpwood, or whatever his name is, and then moved into the ghosty area.

A long and drawn out kill all the mobs in the area and the last 2 pylons were down and Loklithaera - (whatever his name is) was at our mercy. For about 20 seconds and then he was just Korean food.

We mana'd up got ready and started the event. It was actually Eb that started it so TiceNits didn't have to fork out too much on the mats!

It got close at the end, EB died just before the ritual was complete and HW was out of mana. Luckily TiceNits has bought the Lodestone so she could refresh the thingies as well. Ritual Complete, EB ressed, everyone mana'd up and lets call that horsey. Several seconds later Horsey and his Master dead and TiceNits' lock has her Dreadsteed!!

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