Monday, 1 September 2008

Monday Kara

  • HolyWarrior got invited to a Karazhan Group.
  • HW wants the Sheruman Great ring for tanking gear.
  • HW gets to tank Karazhan - Woot!
  • Raid has difficulty summoning HW.
  • HW flys and runs to Kara.
  • HW can't zone into Kara.
  • HW checks raid ID.
  • HW remembers saturday drunk ninja invite and summon to Prince.
  • HW /facepalm
  • EvilBastard gets group invite.
  • EB zones into Kara.
  • EB forgot that Sunday involved clean addon install.
  • EB spent most of Kara run configuring macros and buttons.
  • EB acheived minimal DPS but still managed to die several times.
  • Group took out Att, Moroes, Maiden, Opera(Oz), Bane, Curator, Aran and Hoof.
  • EB took home 15 badgers for 2 hours work.

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