Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Seasonal Battleground Rewards

The spirits of competition are out and about for the 2 weeks of the Olympics. Apparently they come around every 2 years but I don't remember them 2 years ago when I was mostly PvPing trying to get to Field Marshal.

Anyhow, this year you can get an Olympics-esque tabard just for going into a battleground and if you win one then you get a chance to get a gold medallion which summons a Spirit of Competition.

My 6 year had one on his level 19 warrior before HolyWarior got his!!

TiceNits still hasn't got one, she spent most of Sunday in losing battlegrounds on her level 49 warlock. /cry

I am now trying to get it for EvilBastard, PS the Rogue and BitchSlapper. Once I have it on them I may even try to get it on all my characters.

On a side note, raid cancelled again due to summer.

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