Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The Weekend II

Friday 1st February
No WoW on friday night, but got a new gun on Ghost Squad. Its a fish and the enemies are women in bikinis!!

Saturday 2nd February
More fish and bikins.

Sunday 3rd February
We spent the morning on BadBitch and HotPants. BadBitch has overtaken HotPants and has moved over to STV with HotPants struggling to catch up. Got Shimmering Flats done and up to 32 before raid time.

Unfortunately the raid was cancelled as only 18 people signed so I got some DKP and moved back over to HotPants and did some STV. God those Kurzen priests still annoy me!!

Monday 4th February

Finally Managed to get a group for ST. A PUG. F*cking Hilarious. NOT! Post coming soon.

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