Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Rogue Enters Sunken Temple

As there was no raid scheduled for Monday night I decided it was high time that PS the Rogue got his Sunken Temple stuff sorted and got his ass into Outland.

With trepidation I entered LFG for DM West (too low level for ST) and started spamming LFG channel for a group. I soon picked up a cool level 59 Hunter called GavSucks.

After a little while we merged with a 45 Warrior and 46 Hunter. Hmmm, this could be interesting. We only need a healer and it will have to be a good one to cover that warrior. We then pick up a level 52 pally called JerkOff.

Gav and I are flying to ST as we are too high level for the meeting stone and telling the group that they will all have to fly because of this. Gav and I arrive and then we lose the lowbie hunter.

Turns out that Gav and JerkOff are in the same guild.

We manage to replace him with a shadow priest called Onixa and eventually everyone arrives and we start clearing. JerkOff is calling the shots and he's coming over as a bit arrogant (read complete cock). We clear the ring and the minibosses with me generally Stunlock tanking them. With me and a 59 hunter the bosses are going down before they can get out of a CS -> SS -> SS -> SS -> 5cp KS.

So with Jammals room opened we head to clear the Dragon room but the priest jumped down and agrroed half the room so we all wiped and JerkOff got a bit angry, although the lazy fuck didn't do the corpse run back.

Gav then got a bit lost on the way back so we spent some time mucking about getting him back.

Once we got all grouped up again we started clearing to Jammals room. On the first pull the priest got feared into a group of mobs. Hunter FD, I Vanished. Everyone else died. Warrior left group.

While JerkOff tried to find a replacement GavSucks and I attempted to get to Morphaz for our class quests but I died after using my last vanish.

After a quick run back and summoning someone else (while GavSucks tried to solo Morphaz) we go and down Morphaz and his buddy. Then off to clear Jammals room which we do with easy. Everyone onto Jammal whilst I single handeadly take out his buddy.

For the whole run JerkOff had been going on about an Epic Sword that he wants Jammal to drop. Before the pull Gav asks what my guild is like. He's getting so pissed with JerkOff that he might roll on the sword. I lol, and tell him guild has been empty since TBC hit. Guess what? It didn't drop anyway - haha.

So, back to the main room and take out the 2 new dragon spawns.

Whilst we do this someone manages to pull the two remaining packs of dragonkin. LOLOL. Gav FDs, I sprint out the door and just make it outside, someone else runs the wrong way and the only result of that is going to be death.

JerkOff goes mad. Ha Ha Ha.

We had our class quests done so Gav decides to go. He does the classic "Sorry guys, gotta go" *poof*. Can't blame him really. He and I should probably have 2 manned the place (carefully). The only other consistency was JerkOff, I cared little for the others that were crap and kept disappearing and JerkOff was just ... a Jerk Off!

As if on cue the other 2 quit the party leaving me and JerkOff. The time is now 22:45 (23:45) server time and I announce that "my mom says i have to have a bath". Cya mofo!

GavSucks and I had fun. We could Vanish and FD. We were joking around behind the groups back. We were doing the majority of the work. We knew what we were doing. We got our class quests done. We should have 2 manned it!

The others? They can suck my fat one!

It was a god-awful PUG - but that doesn't mean it couldn't be fun.

Nothing worth talking about.

Friends made:

Quests Complete: (First hand in dinged me level 58)
Into the Temple of Atal'Hakkar (10 tablets)
The Azure Key (Rogue Quest)
Jammal'an the Prophet

Quests to group for:
The God Hakkar

Quests to try and solo:
Haze of Evil (Haze from worms)
Into the Depths (altar)
Secret of the Circle (statues)

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