Thursday, 7 February 2008

Rouge Nouges

pronounced: Roooooge Noooooos

(For those slow ones amongst you that was a piss take on the peoples that spell rogue as rouge. For those even slow; Rouge = Red make up)

Anyway, first off PS the Rogue made level 59 by accident by clearing out his quest log and he hasn't even made it to outland yet. Then he was killing a few furbolgs to get to neutral (at least I think it was those anoyig fucckers) and Pattern: Stormshrouh Armour dropped. Well, woopy doo!! Hopefully i casn make some money back on my vane-glorious armour twinking!!!

(I know my spelling and typos suck ass - I will sort them tomorrow when sober)

Lastly, all he has to do is finish off a couple of Sunken Temple quests and hew will have an empty quest log to start Outland with. He will probably be level 60 by then too!!

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