Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Morogrim Can Suck My Fat One

Bastard Morogrim refused to die tonight.

I was on murloc tank healing again and this time I would pop up to Morogrim betwen murlocs and judge a quick Wisdom on him and throw a couple of heals on tank. I would take a bit of earthquake damage and run back to pally murloc tank so she could heal me (no warlocks - DOH!). We got him down to 25%-ish a couple of times but everytime something bad happened.

On the upside though I replaced Windshear Boots with Boots of Courage Unending from a trash mob! Nice! Thats a 500 armour upgrade becuase the windshear were mail, but losing 18 stamina, 12 intellect and 18 spell hit. But I don't really need stamina (or the armour). +31 spell crit - thats more like it for those crit heals. yum. But best of all +51 healing :)

Totally unbuffed that takes me to 1818 healing. I was around 1908 with some raid buffs.

In other news, when checking out sundays WWS reports I noted that I managed to get a 9700 Holy Light crit. WOOT!

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