Sunday, 10 February 2008

And You Thought Battlegrounds Were Bad...

I captured this little potty mouth in Skettis.

I normally start off a run of dailies with some Netherwing quests then swoop into Skettis from the east and check the northeastern prisoner spawn point on my way to the Skettis quest hub in case he is there.

On this occasion he was and I swooped in and grabbed the quest. The second that I had clicked accept I got a group invite. I clicked decline because it was too late anyway, I don't like being called a prick for no real reason, the following ensued.

Now, I will normally invite any alliance to a group who are nearby when I accept the quest, this pricks never getting an invite. In fact I'm going to go out of my way to ninja the prisoner from him if I see him again.

Is it just me or was his whisper to me a little disproporionate and a little uncalled for? :P

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