Thursday, 14 February 2008

T6 Attunement going with Patch 2.4

I have been mulling this one over for quite some time now (well 2 minutes at least).

My first impression was, my god, don't let everyone in that hasn't worked for it for 6month-year.

Why should they get a shot at all the great T6 gear without the slogging? (felt kinda that way with SSC attunements going)

For god's sake; We're nearly there. We're 2/4 in Tk and a raid or two away from A'lar, then 2 or 3 raid away from KKKKkkk, yeah, you know who I mean. And we're 4/6 in SSC. A raid or 2 from Karathress and ... well ... an eternity from VAG. Why should they skip all the hassle we've gone through?

To my guild this will give us a slight boost, we can work on Kkkkk and VAG without having to farm lurker and Hydross for 2-3 hours and then Solarium and Lootreaver for the crap the mothercluckers drop. We can skip straight to the bosses that we should be working on anyway.

Yeah, we may well have the odd pop at BT and MH, but we'll finish TK and SSC first so that we're poperly geared for T6 raiding. We CAN clear SSC and TK and we will because it's fun.

We WILL go to MH and BT because we're just about ready anyway.

So why should Kara and Gruul guilds have a shot at BT? I was clearly getting narked at the idea?

But, to be honest, why not?

Illidan will clearly tell them "YOU ARE NOT PREPARED" and he will be right, they have not gone through TK and SSC and they really will not be prepared. They will not have the gear, they will not have learnt T5/T6 tactics and they will not have learnt to work together. They may have the STRATEGY, but that will not be enough.

Let them into BT and MH, if they're not nearly there anyway then they will fail. They will be able to say they have seen inside those places and so what? good for them.

They won't have Illidan's loot because they weren't ready. But they will be happy for going inside.

Blizz will be happy for opening up end game content to more than 1% of the population.

We will be happy because a speed hump was removed from the road :)

I have one thing to say to those people that are against removing the attunement because there will be noobs walking round IF with T6 gear - "No there won't, noob guilds will die to trash, they have no chance of downing a boss, your T6 gear will still have the 'woot' value."


/emofire said...

The first bosses of Hyjal and BT are much easier compared to Kael'thas and Vashj. I assume as a reward for getting through the nightmare that is Kael/Vashj because dear god, no more Vashj. Never again please.

Raiding is really all about having 25 people who so aren't mentally challenged they can't heal a tank/heal the raid/kick/cs/kill a totem/use an item/run out of the raid when they get a debuff. I find a lot of people over estimate the gear necessary for 25 mans. It's more a question of can you play?

HolyWarrior said...

I agree, however, if you'll allow me on sweeping generalisation.

If the guild/raid in question is still in Kara or Gruul then they probably are too mentally challenged to handle the complexity of BT and MH

Of course there will always be exceptions :)

I feel your pain with VAG. I have not quite got there but TiceNits has and she hates it!!

Grumpy Misanthrope said...

Attunements are a pacing mechanic Blizzard uses to slow down the number of people who out pace their content development. They learned from TBC that they need to remove attunements on old content.