Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Fathom-Lord Karathress Down

We skipped Hydros and went straight for Karathress.

The first 4 pulls were bad, I was healing the Shammy(2nd kill) Boss tank with a druid and a shaman. Either myself or the druid would get spiked and die pretty early, the other healers would follow or the tank, then the healers. The Shammy Boss would then get loose and wipe the raid. Attempt 4 I managed to get a DI on a shadow priest who was the only rezzer within range during a wipe panic!!

Try 5 saw standing at max max max range and doing perfect spell rotation of HL(6) followed by FoL(max) rinse and repeat, throwing in HL(max) if required; concentrating on the tank but throwing the odd heal at fellow healers. The Hunter Boss (1st kill) went down and then our Shammy Boss ate dust; maybe even the Priest Boss and started on Karathress. Who knows? People started dying quickly and I run down the corridor to Morogrims room hoping the patrol is at the other end of its walk (we didn't kill Morogrim!!), it was, I lived, Karathress reset. Rez time.

Try 6, perfect healing rotation again, Hunter Dies, Shammy Dies, Priest Dies, I FUCKING DIE at somewhere between 40% and 50% of Karathress. Others start dropping but so is Karathress. I am counting down his %HP in raid chat, about 10 people are dead and he's down to 5% ... 4% ... 4% ... 3% ... 3% ... 3% come on you bastard die!! ... 1% ... 1% ... DEAD!!!

We FUCKING killed Fathom-Lord Karathress.

2 Leggings of the Vanquished hero (Hunter Mage Warlock T5 Legs) and Bloodsea Brigand's Vest. Load of old toss. But at least we have a first kill :)

Also means I get the next step in the BT attunement from Seer Olum - The Secret Compromised.

Here is me having a chat with him.

I really want to get attuned before we get given the attunement for free in patch 2.4! I must remember to advance the quest line before we get to A'lar. An A'lar kill on Thursday night would be awesome :)


Galoheart said...

Gratz, sound like a interesting and fun fight. Have no idea if I'll ever get to see the place there before the next Expac though.

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