Sunday, 10 February 2008

Sunday Afternoon Raid

Had a little sourjorn into SSC and one shot Lootreaver and Solarion

Lotreave dropped sets of Hunter Mage Warlock shoulders again, as well as Fel-Steel Warhelm (which I already have) and Pattern: Boots of Natural Grace.

Solarion dropped
Worldstorm Gauntlets
Star-strider Boots

Also, some fucker dropped Girdle of Fallen Stars - I will find out who dropped that.

So, off to Gruuls Lair
HK, 4 minutes 6 seconds
hunter mage warlock and palaldin, rogue shammy sholuders
Belt of Divine Inspiration

We are now sat waiting to start Gruul, I hope we one shot him too!

Got him before Grow 12 hit, time was 5mins 46s
2 sets of pally leg tokens
Cowl of Nature's Breath
Axe of the Gronn Lords

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