Friday, 15 February 2008

Shared Topic - Character Names

Another shared topic over on BlogAzeroth is "How did you come up with your character names?"

This is going to be difficult as I don't advertise my real names on here, but lets give it a pop...

When I loaded up WoW for this first time after playing a paladin on TiceNits account for about 20 minutes I thought long and hard (like 2 mins).

First off I thought of using my Red Alert ID of MrNewJesus, but that was back in my long haired uni days and my (now ex-) wife made me get a hair cut before the wedding. So the name didn't really fit, besides I didn't hate god back then either.

So I went with what me grandfather used to call me. Unfortunately you can only have 12 characters so it got truncated. Grrr!!

I thought at the time that would be my only character, what little I knew back then! By about level 15 I was having big time bag space problems and couldn't be bothered travelling back to the city to use the Auction House every 1/2 a level so I created my first bank/AH toon; I named him with the russianification (made it sound russian!) of my sons name.

By level 60 I'd had plenty of deaths to the horde in WSG and I created a priest called HordeKiller which I fully intended to BG with, hmmm, don't think he's ever been in there!!

Whilst I was floating around level 60 doing not a hell of a lot I created a Warlock and named him after my main HolyWarlock.

I was getting raped by rogues quite a lot in the BGs so I thought that I'd have some of that fun and rolled PS the Rogue although in relation to my mains real name his name should be WarrWarriorus.

As you can see the name of my characters started to link back to my first ever character.

Then came an army of alts that all have the "Holy" part of my mains name in their names.

Enough rant about names, upwards and onwards...

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Galoheart said...

Always interesting how players come up with their characters name. Then some named you see of players in trade or zone chat and you wonder about the player and the player with some names you see or question your self sometimes when going into Heroics when some person send you a tell saying they want to go with a name like "Ininjaloot" or "wowwowowowow".