Thursday, 4 September 2008

Refer a ... Err ... Me

So I've been having fun with my druid hunter combo. Sven the Druid and Mark the Hunter have been levelling well in the odd half hour a day I give them.

But, I've come across a bit of an anomaly and was wondering if wtf was happening with the triple experience you are supposed to get from killing mobs and ha ding in quests.

Quests seem to be OK, I handed in a quest un-partied and got 495 experience and then handed the same quest in on the other character whilst partied with my Refer-a-Buddy and got something like 1495.

But the mob experience seems odd. When my 2 characters were level 16 and on their own they would get something like 134 XP for killing a level 12.

Now if they grouped up (without the refer a friend bonus xp) I would expect their XP gains to be hit by the party penalty, maybe even by 50%, say down to 67XP each.

But they are refer-a-friend linked and can summon each other and grant levels etc so they should earn triple this penalised XP, therefore 201XP each.

But they don't, they earn 86XP when grouped and killing a level 12 mob.

WTF? Has anyone else found this? Am I bugged or am I expecting too much?

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