Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Raid Checklist

I haven't managed a raid in some time, either due to can't be arsed or rotated when I can be arsed; typical.

So I was all up for a Teron Gorefiend fight tonight.

I logged in an hour early. Fixed the bugs caused by addons - I couldn't see my avatar but everyone elses appeared fine and I couldn't use certain items as they said "Retrieving Item Information", like my Netherdrake!!

Anyway, disabled trinity, logged in, logged out, re-enabled it. Works fine :S

All repaired - Check.

DI macro fixed - Check.

All consumables stolen collected from guild bank - Check.

Ready to go - Check.

Group invite. Check.

21 people signed. Check. Uh-oh!

Raid time. Check.

17 People in Raid Group - Check - Double Uh-oh!

Raid cancelled - Check.


/logoutandgotopubinahuff - Check!

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