Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Authenticators Are Back in Europe

Oh yeah, the authenticators are back in the Blizzard Store.

Go get it now or don't moan at me when your account is hacked.

I was at work when I read a blog post announcing it. I can't access the Blizz Store from work. Damn corporate firewall!!

I rang TiceNits and got her to buy one - The frigging postage is more than the widget itself!!!

I rushed home and logged in, created my Blizzard account - WTF???

Finally I got to the checkout with 3 of them in my basket and ... woo hooo !!!

Yeah I have 3 authenticators and 3 accounts .. I know that I only need ONE authenticator for all THREE accounts.

I'm gonna wait till they go out of stock again and eBay the other 2 for loads money!!

Well, hopefully enough to cover the extortionate postage the bastards are charging for 8-10 business day service and to get mine for free!!

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