Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Revenge is Sweet

How many times has a hunter wiped the floor with HolyWarrior? Many times! You may remember my Epic Arena against a hunter a few weeks back.

Well, as Sven and Mark were trying to hand in a quest log full of quests in Redridge MountainsI was being plagued by a paladin wanting to join my little group. I kept explaining that it was just the two of myself questing and we didn't want to group up. He kept saying "inv", "you need paladin", "i wanna join", "give me inv plox" as if I had to invite him to my group.

Eventually he threw me a duel invite and said "If you beat me I leave" (without the capitalisation).

OMG, I get to try out my leet huntard skills.

  1. Lay Frost trap.
  2. Get ranged.
  3. Sick pet on noobadin.
  4. Concussive shot.
  5. Some sting or another.
  6. Arcane shot.
  7. Noobadin runs off under bridge.
  8. Pet kills Noobadin.
  9. Saunter off to Inn.
I didn't even need to do BRK's jump shooting.

He went down like a sack of shit so quickly it was incredible. I may find myself hanging around Goldshire some :)

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