Monday, 22 September 2008


I might as well have been. I have barely done anything in WoW recently. Last Tuesday's raid was cancelled. I couldn't make last Thursday's or Sunday's. Although I did log on 30 mins before raid-end on Sunday and got an invite for the last try on Archimonde.

Would have been wicked to have downed him, but no, it was another wipefest. Their best try was 43%.

I did do a little levelling with Mark and Sven, they got all the Redridge Quests finished and the hand ins got them from level 27 to 29!!!

I then got EvilBastard to take them through Stockades this evening. They could handle 2 mobs carefully on their own but would be out of mana by the end, so I thought it best to just rush them through in 15 mins and get a whack of XP from the hand ins.

By the time the PC crashed I had gone from 29 to 31 on hand ins and follow ups and still had a couple or three to hand in.

When I get home tonight I'm gonna go get my mounts and FEIGN DEATH and hopefully travel form for Sven. Is that a level 30 talent?

Anyway, that's all, very boring!

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