Thursday, 25 September 2008

Fimlys gave me an idea today.

Mark hit 32 yesterday and Sven was 2000 XP off 32 and have all the Duskwood quests going grey or green; so I may just swing on over to STV once I've done the food quests and the Legend of Stalvan, although I do love making Stitches appear!!

So anyway, I read about Fimlys' Shamlock duo plans and remembered I have a bank alt full of STV pages so I can make all the chapters for both Sven and Mark instantly!!

Remembering that normally they give a huge chunk of XP I'm thinking this could be good!!

Bank alt mails 2 sets of each page to Mark the Hunter, I fly them both down to the rebel camp, fly them back to Duskwood and actually get the pages out of the mail box (don't ask why I flew them BOTH back - DOH!), fly back to the Rebel Camp and make a quick uneventful run down to see Mr Nessingwary Jr.

Each of the 4 chapters quests gave me 3300 XP, that's 13200 for the lot. OK not too bad, takes me about a 1/3 of the way through level 32. Then I hand in the final quests. 19,000+ XP for that one quest!!!

Just the STV pages took me from the start of level 32(end of 31 in Sven's case) to the end of level 32!!

Cheers Fim!!

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Naissa said...

Excellent idea. I always end up with extra pages and I always end up leveling another character.