Tuesday, 23 September 2008

I Haz Authentimicator ... and half a tree!!

As reported last week the Blizz authintimict ... security donglz ... came back into stock in the Blizzard(Europe) Store.

I got TiceNit's to order one then rushed home and purchased 3 for myself.


Because although the donglz only cost about £4.60 the postage and packing is almost twice as much on top!!!


So I ordered 3. One for me and my three accounts and a spare two to hopefully be able to sell on eBay for enough profit to cover the postage once the Blizz Store goes out of stock again.

Of course, knowing my luck the Blizz Store will never go out of stock now, but hey ho!! I'll give them away if that is the case!

Anyway, so why all the postage and packing cost? Well Chain Trap has summed it up pretty well here.

But for those of you who can't be bothered to click through. Each of my donglz came in a diddy little cardboard box with a sheet of instructions. Encase in a Jiffy bag. All 3 in separate bags. And then all these in a very oversized box.

WTF Bliz? How many trees were felled to get me my donglz?

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