Saturday, 6 September 2008

My Pets Hate Me!!

I need help from the hunters among you, and I know there are shit loads of you!

So, one of my refer-a-power-level characters is a hunter. I'm levelling him BM. The problem is I have already gone through about 20 pets.

The fuckers keep abandoning me - lolwut?

Nice Kitty
I tame it, I give it a cute name, usually NicePallyClassLeader. I feed it what it likes every few minutes sometimes. I take him out for some killing spree. The little green icon in the top left of the pet pane is always green. One of them I even got up to loyalty level 3.

But, they just randomly fade out and when I try to summon it or revive it I am told I don't have a pet to summon.

Bad Kitty
The little buggers disappear even though they appear to be contented. WTF is going on? TiceNit's has a level 70 hunter and she can't see what I'm doing wrong, another guild hunter can't either.

Bad GMs
I have put in countless GM tickets about it and the useless tossers just come back and say that I can't be feeding it and it has got unhappy with me and left. I got so irate with the last GM that I demanded to speak to his supervisor because I knew it wasn't normal and it wasn't me being a noob.

Needless to say I didn't get to speak to his supervisor so I told him I was making a complaint against him and put him on ignore.

By the way, you can't ignore GMs, they continue to speak to you!!

So hunters and huntards out there. What am I doing wrong? Any tips?

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