Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Interesting Search Terms

Occasionally I go through my referal logs to see what people have searched for to fin me. A few of interest sprang up in the last few days.

lessons to be learnt from good & bad women in the bible - Hmm that's not my bag baby.

n52 macro afk - I do not encourage using n52 macro's to be an AFKing leeching bastard! Although this could be quiet interesting. 1-target nearest player 2-put on follow 3-count to 130 4-move forward to break follow 5-summon mount 6-target nearest player 7-follow 8-count to x where x is average time to get to Galv. Anyway, No. AFK leeching is bad!

open vajaina - Hmm

cute vajaina - Hmm

ticenits - WTF??

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