Sunday, 31 July 2011

Mysterious Fortune Card Reset Results

This post is a follow up to the Hate Tell Idiot post on Friday.

I told you all that the 25g cards were selling well. Well this was the contents of my inbox the next morning...

Saturday, 30 July 2011

ZeroAuctions / Auctioneer Fast Auction Button

As I stated a few days ago, an upgrade to what I think is now Auctioneer has really been pissing me off. The scroll wheel fast auction thingy.

Well, it looks like the best workaround I have found so far is to be ready as soon as the window with the options pops up. Then the scroll wheel submit auctions seems to work more often than not.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Reset Mysterious Fortune Card Market

I was having a pseudo argument with a competitor last night whilst I was clearing my mail box of the 500 auction successful emails for 7g Mysterious Fortune Cards.

We probably have the same relationship as Foo and Breevok.

So a short while ago I got back into the MFC market and this guy had been in it since my ban scare so he thought the market was his.

Props to him, he's bought Cold's MFC Guide (well he claims it's his brothers toon and his brother may have bought the guide!) and was using some of the barks.

When I come along and start using some of my editted barks that I got for free from Cold's Blog way back in January I think.

Our relationship began when he accused me of copying him!!! Hahahaha!!

So I put him right and then informed him that I'd spotted that there are currently only 3 pages of MFCs up at the mo. All but 10 of those auctions are singles at 8g49s.

I advise him that when I was running the show the sale value would be 25g and thats exactly where I'm going to put it again. I am not selling any MFCs at the moment but I'm barking like buggery.

Soon there are only 6 x100 and 2 x200 auctions left at 7g a card.

I quickly buy these up as I only have 72 cards left and post singles at 25g, 5s at 24g 10s at 23g 20s at 20g 50s at 17g 100 stacks at 15g and 200 stacks at 10g.

The singles are selling hand over fist and a 200 stack has even sold.

An hour later I am still the only seller - how lucky is that!!

Even better, I get a hate tell from some idiot who says I have ruined the AH by raising the price of cards from 8g to 25g. That one is going straight to Gevlon!!!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Swifty Can Go Fuck Himself

Last night we had a massive attack on one of the servers that I play on.

There was a wall of /yell spam ranging from ridiculous to jew hating and nigger bashing.

All aimed at reversing a ban on some twat called Swifty??

Why am I so bothered? No-one could read my MFC ads!!!

Go Fuck Yourself Swifty. Hope they ban you for eternity.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Phase 5 of Firelands Dailies

I unlocked the Druids of the Talon quests last night and my tree grew :)

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Glop - Finally

Finally!!! Now I just have to rescue that stupid bastard Pebbles another gazillion times and I won't ever need to go back to Deepholm ...

... that is until patch 4.3 puts the latest daily grind there :p

Oh and another thing, stop deprecating hard to get quest items Blizzard you fuckers ...

Monday, 25 July 2011

Gee Thanks ... and back into MFC market

I went to ZA with some guildies on Friday night.

I went as DPS in tank spec and DPS gear.

When asked why I was in tank spec I admitted I don't have DPS spec. They made me tank.

Until it was clear that was a bad idea :p

Afterwards I used up some Amani Frog Sticks or whatever the fuck they are called.

I got this:

Which contained:

Considering I had just bought and made abot 400 MFCS I hardly needed an extra 6.

Oh and yes. I am back in the MFC market, they are selling even better than before :)

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Crappy Update Auction Addons

I hadn't updated my addons since 4.2 hit. I didn't really need to.

I have auctioneer, zero auctions, postal and maybe macaroon that affect auctions and the mail box.

The appraiser window was a bit off showing the hex code (#aaff11) in front of items instead of using the value to colour the text but I could live with that.

But I finally decided to start upgrading them and downloaded the latest auctioneer and zero auctions.

Now the number of unshown mails is missing from my mail box (I thought macaroon did that and I didn't upgrade that :s) but far worse is this bloody scroll wheel for fast posting now.

I was doing fine without it, but now I have it I'm stuck with it I guess.

I could not post anything without activating the key binding. Just clicking on "Yes" to post would close the dialogue, not give me any further options and put the message "no auctions posted" in the log window.

When I actviated the scroll wheel thing in the addon options I can very occassionally get the auctions to post, but more often than not it closes the window and puts that message in the log pane.

I try it outside the addon real-estate, on the "Yes" button, on the auctioneer. Everywhere.

It's Really Pissing Me OFF!!!

Anyone got any ideas?

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Mysterious Fortune Card Barks NOT to Use

These are the mysterious fortune card barks that nearly got me banned. I am saving them here for posterity.

/2 Forget about the [Mysterious Fortune Card] try coke! Less addictive but costs a bit more.

That was the one quoted in the email from BlizzTards but the followig were also indirecftly referenced as potentially offensive :P

/2 Constipated? Buy a [Mysterious Fortune Card] today and if you win a [Fortune Card] I guarantee you'll sh1t your pants!

/2 You know that Pen1s Enlargment you always wanted? Thought you'd never afford it? With [Mysterious Fortune Card]s you just might!

/2 Don't buy [Mysterious Fortune Card] from [Insert Copetitor of the Day]. they are fake - you'll ony get 10s win. Buy mine and win a [Fortune Card]!

/2 Small tallywacker? Flip a [Mysterious Fortune Card] for a chance at the [Fortune Card] - You got 5K and the girls won't laugh at you anymore!!

/2 Lads; buy a [Mysterious Fortune Card] today, you'll get a 38DD wanger! and a [Fortune Card]

/2 Girls; wanna big rack? Buy my [Mysterious Fortune Card] today for a chance at 12 inchs of pure [Fortune Card]

/2 Dsyfunctional in the pants department? Buy a stack [Mysterious Fortune Card]s and you needn't worry about it again. (Results not guaranteed).

/2 Girls? Can't afford that Boob job? Never fear. Flip a [Mysterious Fortune Card] into a [Fortune Card]! Now you can afford massive Hollies!!!!

/2 Congenital Heart Defect? Don't buy a [Mysterious Fortune Card]. The excitement could kill ya!. Try [Inferno Ink]

Friday, 22 July 2011

Guild Exalted

Nice, now I can start buying some more pets and mounts and stuff :P

Thursday, 21 July 2011

I'm growing me a Firelands Tree

Last night I unlocked the Shadow Wardens and my tree started to grow :)

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Tips for Alpine Songbird / And the Meek Shall Inherit Kalimdor

I got the 'meek' and 'Infernal Ambassadors' acheivements last night.

I had to abandon and retake several times.

The trick to the Alpine Songbird part of the "And the Meek Shall Inherit Kalimdor" achievment is that neither YOU nor ANY-OTHER-BUGGER do any damage once Millagazor tries to escape.

The birds must finish him off.

Also, don't worry if you abandon and retake, or you notice that the birds disappear when you take the follow up quest.

Once he starts to escape the birds turn up all horror film like and kick his ass.

Job done. As Long as YOU STOP DPS and no-one else nearby kills him either!

Monday, 18 July 2011

DM Trinkets Still Selling and Firelands BOE Sale

Seems that even now, several weeks into patch 4.2, DMF trinkets are still selling.

I thought the market was going to drop out. I haven't checked but there are supposedly better trinkets available within Firelands.

I suppose it will take a while for them to become a common drop so people will still want to buy the DMF trinkets.


Did I mention that firelands trash run I went on? Where the dps trinket (maybe!) "Apparatus of Khaz'goroth" dropped and I won it? Did I equip it? I was tempted, but instead ...

Oh yes, those low level DM card hand in shoulders are still selling too!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Barking: Dark Iron Ale Mug

Subtitle: Get Your Jubling Pet Here.

Cold over at Cold's Gold Factory advocates aggressive barking for selling Mysterious Fortune Cards.

I agree and have had great sales with his techniques.

However, it's not just MFCs it works, no, is required for.

Enter stage left: Dark Iron Ale Mugs.

You will not sell these unless you advertise these.

During the Darkmoon Faire week I bark the following whenever I am in a city:

Get your Limited Edition [Jubling] RARE pet now while the Faire is in town. buy [Dark Iron Ale Mug] from AH and goto to find out what to do.

or if I'm feeling generous (and am going to be around for a while):

Get your Limited Edition [Jubling] RARE pet now while the Faire is in town. buy [Dark Iron Ale Mug] from AH and then /w me for instructions.

If so, then I use the following macro and hit it whenever someone asks what to do:
/r Go to Darkooon Fair
/r Find Morja
/r Use Dark Iron Ale Mug at her feet
/r wait for frog to appear
/r She will now gve a quest
/r accept quest use 2nd dark iron ale mug to complete.

Instead of little to no sales you get something like this:

What I usually fail to add is the 7 day hatch time on the frog :P

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Can't Get Behind on the Firelands Dailies

Already about 10 days/2weeks/something behind on the new dailies and now we are going away for the weekend.


Simple solution, as we are not going until , well now really, I'll just get up very early this morning and get my dailes done.

I just about managed it before getting dragged out the door by the missus.

I'll be back in time on Sunday to get them done too!

Friday, 15 July 2011

All Kinds of Shit Still Sells!

Look at that: 156g for a gingerbread recipe.

Arakkoa feathers still sell well.

And Earthquake card for 3K

Yesterday I caught someone in /trade asking to buy a Tsunami card for 10K - I happily obliged seeing as the AH had mine as lowest at 12.5K.

All darkmoon cards are still selling well.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Ludicrous Speed Achievement - Easy Mode.

Very simple one here guys.

The thing with this achievement is you have to get a stack of 65 buffs and you can only get a maximum of 67 and the stack expires after 8 seconds; therefore very unforgiving.

You have to get all the birds very quickly. Obviously.

Except ... if you're in a raid you get the stacking buff but you don't get the quest credits so you can just keep on going until you manage to stack those buffs up to 65.

Firelands Achievements

Here we have a list of all the achievements obtainable from the new dailies area.

For my own benefit I have marked in Green ones I have got and Red I still have to do.

I will update this as things become clearer to me. If I have made a mistake please let me know. But for now a big shout out to Icy Veins for producing a Wicked Guide to Firelands Dailies.

All Over

Fireside Chat - talking to various NPCs will get you this achievement

Mount Hyjal: Sethria's Roost
Have... Have We Met? - wave at famous NPCs
The Fiery Lords of Sethria's Roost - Kill the four elites
Gang War - win a duel while on Protectors of Hyjal quest

Mount Hyjal: General
Ludicrous Speed - done while doing the Call the Flock quest. There are cheats available for this.
The 'Unbeatable?' Pterodactyl: BEATEN - This is a normal Mount Hyjal achievement that s done in the area. Go through the blue portal and do the Vigilante Wings quest or whatever 10 times.
And the Meek Shall Inherit Kalimdor - Do some things when doing part 1 of the critter quests.
  • Angry Little Squirrel: next to the portal where you summon Pyrachnis and Millagazor in the Grove of Aessina, there is a fallen pine tree on which stand squirrels. Simply kite a fire elemental close to the tree and wait for a squirrel to throw a nut at it. When you hear the ponk sound, the objective will have been completed.
  • Hyjal Bear Cub: during the Those Bears Up There quest, instead of sending a cub to the soft target, simply throw it at a sleeping Brimstone Hound to complete the objective.
  • Alpine Songbird: complete Wings Aflame, the follow-up quest of Call the Flock.
  • Child of Tortolla: during the Punting Season quest, punt a child of Tortolla at a Flame Terror instead of punting it in the water.
Infernal Ambassadors - Kill the part 2 critter quest elite quest mobs in a special way:
  • Slay Pyrachnis without using the Emerald of Aessina. Pyrachnis' poison debuff can be removed with the quest item you receive Emerald of Aessina. Simply kill her without using it.
  • Slay Millagazor without taking damage from Gout of Flames. Millagazor has an ability called Gout of Flame which creates a succession of fire spots on the ground that erupts after a few seconds. The ability follows you, so simply move out of the fire spots that form under you while killing him.
  • Slay Lylagar without taking damage from Lylagar Breath. Lylagar has a fire breath ability. It has a cast time, which leaves you time to move out of the targeted area.
  • Slay Galenges before he is weakened a second time. Galenges originally has a very large health pool and is regularly weakened by a spirit of Malorne. When weakened, Galenges takes 900% increased damage. You need to kill him before he is weakened for a second time.
  • Slay Nemesis at Ashen Lake without taking damage from Molten Fury. Nemesis regularly cast a fire attack called Molten Fury. Avoid it by taking refuge under the shield that Tooga creates.

The Molten Front
Flawless Victory - Solo kill a Molten Behemoth without taking damage from Molten Stomp or Fiery Boulder.
The Molten Front Objective - you'll get there eventually!
Master of the Molten Flow - Shamans in their own flamewake thing. Don't take any damage from hunters barrage and kill a Sentinel while it is carrying a party member.

Druids of the Talon
Death From Above during the Fire in the Skies quest.

Shadow Wardens
King of the Spider-Hill - Use the Cinderweb Spinners to reach the top of the highest stone pillars. Attacking a Cinderweb Spinner will cause it to pull you to its location, enabling you to effectively climb to the top of the Spider Hill. Thank You Icy Veins.

While doing the Strike at the Heart quests, you can obtain the Ready for Raiding II achievement by avoiding the special abilities of the enemy you are faced with.

Finishing Up
Legacy of Leyara - completing Into the Depths is the final quest for this achievement. This requires you to have done ALL of your Marks of the World Tree collecting.

Veteran of the Molten Front - Complete all the other achievements.

Title: The Flamebreaker -complete Veteran of the Molten Front
Mount: Flamweward Hippogryph -complete The Molten Front Objective
Item: Smoke-Stained Locket -complete Legacy of Leyara

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My First BoT!

Gonna enjoy the Google searches that get here!

Well, 2 days in and I've already missed a batch of Fireland dailies.

I was about to port over to Hyjal when I saw a call going out for healers for BoT.

I whispered him and told him I was i355 but had never been there. He said that was fine and threw me an invite. This was around 22:30 and I hadn't yet done any dailies.

At this point there was me, the leader, a couple of mates and a LAN party of 3 and we were looking for a healer and 2 dps.

At this point I was flying around BoT trying to find the entrance.

We eventually fill the raid and head in, but a dps is offline. I ask in guild chat and a lock is available so off we pop.

We one-shot the first 2 bosses with only 1 death on some trash. 3 pally healers FTW! Did I mention that?

We move through to the council and are about to start when all the LAN party guys go offline. Great!

We wait and wait, then we replace them and start the trash pull. This goes badly and we eventually wipe with the realisation that a healer is offline. Unsure whether he DC'd before fight or Alt-F4 we hang around for a bit.

It is now approaching 01:00 and people are getting restless; soon the guild lock has to leave and soon after it's raid implosion.

So, on the upside I've now seen the first 2 bosses of BoT and it felt, with the nerfs, more like an easy heroic. How much harder was it pre-4.2?

But, I did get another day behind with my Ireland dailies :(p

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Firelands Progress

OK, so as of the date of writing it's is ..

a) Tuesday 12 July 2011
b) Day #15 of WoW patch 4.2 - Firelands
c) Day #2 of my finally getting round to doing the Firelands dailies

I will be using this page as a record of my progress with the dailies and the achievements.

Last Updated: 20/07/2011

Marks of the World Tree: 25
Maximum obtainable

Marks of the World Tree: 39
Maximum obtainable

Missed due to PUG raiding BoT

Marks of the World Tree: 53
Maximum obtainable

Marks of the World Tree: 67
Maximum obtainable

Marks of the World Tree: 81
Maximum obtainable

Marks of the World Tree: 95
Maximum obtainable

Marks of the World Tree: 109
Maximum obtainable

Marks of the World Tree: 123
Maximum obtainable

Marks of the World Tree: 137
Maximum obtainable

Marks of the World Tree: 151
Maximum obtainable.

Hand in 150 to Captain Saynna Stormrunner of the Shadow Wardens.
Marks of the World Tree: 1
Do Shadow Wardens Dailies.
Marks of the World Tree: 17/150
Maximum obtainable.

Marks of the World Tree: 42/150
Maximum obtainable.

Marks of the World Tree: 67/150
Maximum obtainable.

Marks of the World Tree: 92/150
Stage 4 Maximum obtainable.

Marks of the World Tree: 117/150
Stage 4 Maximum obtainable.

Marks of the World Tree: 142/150
Stage 4 Maximum obtainable.

Marks of the World Tree: 167/150
Stage 4 Maximum obtainable.
Hand in 150 Marks for Druids of the Talon quest.
Marks of the World Tree: 17/125
Marks of the World Tree: 0/125
Marks of the World Tree: 0/125

Marks of the World Tree: 42/125
Marks of the World Tree: 0/125
Marks of the World Tree: 0/125
Stage 5 Maximum obtainable.

Marks of the World Tree: 67/125
Marks of the World Tree: 0/125
Marks of the World Tree: 0/125
Stage 5 Maximum obtainable.

Marks of the World Tree: 92/125
Marks of the World Tree: 0/125
Marks of the World Tree: 0/125
Stage 5 Maximum obtainable.

Away - no progress today.

Marks of the World Tree: 117/125
Marks of the World Tree: 0/125
Marks of the World Tree: 0/125
Stage 5 Maximum obtainable.

Marks of the World Tree: 125/125
Marks of the World Tree: 26/125
Marks of the World Tree: 0/125
Stage 6 Maximum obtainable (Ancients Unlocked)
*Did Druids of the Talon quests for the 1st time.

Marks of the World Tree: 125/125
Marks of the World Tree: 55/125
Marks of the World Tree: 0/125
Stage 6 Maximum obtainable

Marks of the World Tree: 125/125
Marks of the World Tree: 84/125
Marks of the World Tree: 0/125
Stage 6 Maximum obtainable

Marks of the World Tree: 125/125
Marks of the World Tree: 113/125
Marks of the World Tree: 0/125
Stage 6 Maximum obtainable

Marks of the World Tree: 125/125
Marks of the World Tree: 125/125
Marks of the World Tree: 17/125
Stage 6 Maximum obtainable

Marks of the World Tree: 125/125
Marks of the World Tree: 125/125
Marks of the World Tree: 48/125
Stage 6 Maximum obtainable

Marks of the World Tree: 125/125
Marks of the World Tree: 125/125
Marks of the World Tree: 79/125
Stage 6 Maximum obtainable

Marks of the World Tree: 125/125
Marks of the World Tree: 125/125
Marks of the World Tree: 110/125
Stage 6 Maximum obtainable

Marks of the World Tree: 125/125
Marks of the World Tree: 125/125
Marks of the World Tree: 125/125
Stage 6 Maximum obtainable

Hand In Final quests.
Spare Marks of the World Tree: 26


Gang War achieved 11/07/2011

Ludicrous Speed achieved 13/07/2011

Have... Have We Met? achieved 16/07/2011

Two Critter Achievements. Achieved 18/07/2011

King of Spider Hill. Achieved 20/07/2011

Fireside Chat. Achieved 01/08/2011

Master of the Molten Front. Achieved 02/08/2011

The Fiery Lords of Sethria's Roost. Achieved 03/08/2011

Flawless Victory. Achieved 03/08/2011

Molten Offensive Achieved 09/08/2011

Legacy of Leyara Achieved 09/08/2011

Monday, 11 July 2011

Firelands Day #1

Oh yes kids, that's right. DAY ONE!!!

I am so with the times that I got with the firelands dailies as soon as I could. NOT!

Months ago I finished Hyjal. Not as part of levelling you understand. I levelled through Vagbush, then moved onto Deepholm.

Once I had hit level cap which I believe I achieved in Uldum I then spent no little amount of time pottling around doing bugger all. I heard about 4.2 and went and did Hyjal to be ready for 4.2 as well as to get the rep, exploration and loremaster stuff done before moving back to Uldum and then Twilight Highlands.

Yes, thats right. I WAS prepared - fuck you Illidan. Sooo 4.2 rolls in and I'm straight onto the quests so that I am one of the first on my server with the recipes aren't I?

Nope. I manage to do half the Thrall quests on day one and get bored, finish him off a day or so later!!

Dailies? I started them last night!

So, I get through the prequests and unlock the vendor and get really pissed off.

He is selling upgrades to the tanking boots and the healing neck that I have just ground out Wildhammer Rep to get :(

Replaces Lightning Flash Pendant.

Replaces Gryphon Rider's Boots.

Yes I got both of the on Friday. Yes this pisses me off. ARSE!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Blizzard Took An Honesty Pill

I believe a picture is worth a thousand words ...

Yeah, that's about right. Maybe even a little optomistic :P

Saturday, 9 July 2011

45 Exalted Reputations

So Thursday night I was about 2500 rep off Wildhammer Clan exalted. So I popped my dailies then queued for a normal heroic.

2nd boss down and ...

Once I had crashed out of the loser PUG heroic with the excuse that the baby was crying I went and bought up my targetted equipment...

DD Spec

Holy Spec

Tank Spec

Friday, 8 July 2011

Darkmoon Faire is a Gold Mine!!

I am so loving the Darkmoon Faire at the moment.

Just look at that: 10g for Dark Iron Ale Mug!

And WTF? Who would buy a Nobles Deck for 2000g? Someone obviously...

(This is not the first time by the way. I've sold 4 or 5 nobles decks for 2-3K since cata hit!!

Oh yeah; people are still buying tasty cupcakes! LOL!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Epic Cataclysm Gems

What happened to them?

I thought they were coming with patch 4.2?

Are they part of the Firelands dailies that we have to grind for 30 days?

Please leave comments and tell me!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Patch 4.2 - Loot

So I finished up the Thrall quest line in the Firelands and chose this reward for my Holy set ...

Then I get an invite into a Firelands trash run and win this ..

I'd sell it but it's not like I need the cash :P

Double Bonus Rep Ding and Achievement!

Night before last I was doing a heroic to get those last few Earthen ring rep points and got it just as I died. I even missed the screenshot :(

So, as I had finished the ER rp grind I equipped the Wildhammer Clan tabard to start earning rep with them (already 12k into revered due to dailies) and got ...

I Stole Kael's Horsey

For a while I have been running Majisters Terrace normal and heroic regularly for the mount and the pet.

Last night I killed heroic Kael and looted to find this on page TWO of the loot window...

I didn't know you actually got an achievement for it...

The guild were obviously pleased for me ...