Monday, 11 July 2011

Firelands Day #1

Oh yes kids, that's right. DAY ONE!!!

I am so with the times that I got with the firelands dailies as soon as I could. NOT!

Months ago I finished Hyjal. Not as part of levelling you understand. I levelled through Vagbush, then moved onto Deepholm.

Once I had hit level cap which I believe I achieved in Uldum I then spent no little amount of time pottling around doing bugger all. I heard about 4.2 and went and did Hyjal to be ready for 4.2 as well as to get the rep, exploration and loremaster stuff done before moving back to Uldum and then Twilight Highlands.

Yes, thats right. I WAS prepared - fuck you Illidan. Sooo 4.2 rolls in and I'm straight onto the quests so that I am one of the first on my server with the recipes aren't I?

Nope. I manage to do half the Thrall quests on day one and get bored, finish him off a day or so later!!

Dailies? I started them last night!

So, I get through the prequests and unlock the vendor and get really pissed off.

He is selling upgrades to the tanking boots and the healing neck that I have just ground out Wildhammer Rep to get :(

Replaces Lightning Flash Pendant.

Replaces Gryphon Rider's Boots.

Yes I got both of the on Friday. Yes this pisses me off. ARSE!

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