Saturday, 23 July 2011

Mysterious Fortune Card Barks NOT to Use

These are the mysterious fortune card barks that nearly got me banned. I am saving them here for posterity.

/2 Forget about the [Mysterious Fortune Card] try coke! Less addictive but costs a bit more.

That was the one quoted in the email from BlizzTards but the followig were also indirecftly referenced as potentially offensive :P

/2 Constipated? Buy a [Mysterious Fortune Card] today and if you win a [Fortune Card] I guarantee you'll sh1t your pants!

/2 You know that Pen1s Enlargment you always wanted? Thought you'd never afford it? With [Mysterious Fortune Card]s you just might!

/2 Don't buy [Mysterious Fortune Card] from [Insert Copetitor of the Day]. they are fake - you'll ony get 10s win. Buy mine and win a [Fortune Card]!

/2 Small tallywacker? Flip a [Mysterious Fortune Card] for a chance at the [Fortune Card] - You got 5K and the girls won't laugh at you anymore!!

/2 Lads; buy a [Mysterious Fortune Card] today, you'll get a 38DD wanger! and a [Fortune Card]

/2 Girls; wanna big rack? Buy my [Mysterious Fortune Card] today for a chance at 12 inchs of pure [Fortune Card]

/2 Dsyfunctional in the pants department? Buy a stack [Mysterious Fortune Card]s and you needn't worry about it again. (Results not guaranteed).

/2 Girls? Can't afford that Boob job? Never fear. Flip a [Mysterious Fortune Card] into a [Fortune Card]! Now you can afford massive Hollies!!!!

/2 Congenital Heart Defect? Don't buy a [Mysterious Fortune Card]. The excitement could kill ya!. Try [Inferno Ink]

1 comment:

MFC Master said...

Damn! No wonder you just about got banned with vulgar sexual innuendos and references to drugs.

Gotta stick to less vulgar and more appropriate barks.

I still make 2-3k a night with little effort from just MFC card sales.