Friday, 1 July 2011

Thursday Nights Are Banned

UPDATE: All was fine, I got home, tried to use the old password and looked at it and thought: Hmm that's not what I was trying to log in with earlier!!! Doh!!

Last night was a bloody nightmare!

Wife was heading off to the cinema with a friend at 19:30 so we'd got dinner out of the way, kids ready for bed, the beers walked and sunk a couple of dogs while out.

Half seven rolls by, I put baby to bed (he was not impressed) wife's friend picks her up and I head to my office to boot up WoW for an uninterrupted post-Firelands session.

"Cannot start launcher - no internet connection"

Damm Frigging internet. I reboot router. No luck. I take it through to where the master socket is, remove faceplate and plug it directly into test socket to re-sync. This normally solves the problem, but not today!

Ok, so now I ring pipex, but their cs line says "sorry we're experiencing high call volumes, please try later"

Hell-Fucking-O! Put me in a queue fuktards i'll wucking fait!

No joy there, so I pop 'The Girl Who Played With Fire' into the dvd drive and started watching that. Result - I've had it a week and not had a chance to watch it between work,wow and sleep!

Half an hour later I check router and wiring and then realise I'd jammed the phone line into one of the Ethernet ports -DOH!

Oh look it works now! Boot up WoW and there is a 30MB mini patch to download, this shouldn't take long. Well at 2-12 KBps (16-96 Kbps) I was wrong.

Let me put that in perspective:
Latest dial up modems: 56 kbps (7KB)
First generation ADSL: 512kbps (64KB)
My line supposedly capable of: 1880kbps (235KB)

Best I could get last night: 96kbps (12KB)

So I ended up being able to watch the whole of the film before the mini patch downloaded.

Of course then I had to get it to the other computer. WoW now modifies almost every file when patched (even old patch files) so to ensure I've got everything I copy everything with todays date on it. 14GB over the intranet - half a fucking hour later! I couldn't even logon as wow complained about not having access to storage - files must have been locked for copy - Gah!

So I finally get on, start processing glyphs and wife gets home!

Sometime later with wife safely tucked up in bed and the glyphs processed I go to logon to account #1 on newly backdoor patched pc #1 and it asks for Authenticator.

Well it would wouldn't it? I've not needed it for days due to the new intelligent geographic sensing Authenticator but of course my internet dropped tonight so I got assigned a new IP.

Guess what? Authenticator brokenedified. BASTARD!

Well I have had it since they first came out, and I have been having to press the button increasingly harder, so I really shouldn't have been surprised when the frickin' thing gave up the ghost, but I was and I felt panic!

Of course it happened at midnight, a good few hours after the cs phones had shutdown for the night.

All I wanted to do was jump on HolyWarrior and check the Therazane achievement dailies and do the Wildhammer dailies (6k into revered), then see a bit more of the Thrall quest line before bed.

I guess not .

So I get into work this morning. Ring blizzard, pass the security questions,have Authenticator removed from account. Get a phone call which I'm stuck on for an hour before I can get to to put mobile Authenticator on account.

Except I can't because it won't accept my password.

Now I'm really panicked. Have I been key logged in the past? Do hackers periodically retry Authenticator protected accounts? I haven't changed my password since accounts were merged on How likely is it that my account was hacked in that hour?

My million gold is safe - nearly. Guild bank has 50k withdraw limit, and gm is not scribe but another toon on account #1 so they'll have to find him first!

So 950k safe. 50k vulnerable. Plus 60k worth of volatile life and between 100-200k of blackfallows and inferno.
Scribe has 165k cash on him and there's about 50k split across other toons.
Oh and not forgetting the 50k of DM trinkets not yet sold.

Back on the phone to blizzard, they lock my account with a hard password reset and assure me that it doesn't look like my account has been compromised and no-one can get on the account now without ask to password reset email. Has my email been hacked?

I can't get to at work and hotmail is a pain on my phone, but I finally get the mobile hotmail to click through to and reset my password.

Now I can assign the mobile Authenticator to my account (after more annoying email - click throughs)

Now i've just got to wait till I get home to see if my gold is safe :(

Cross fingers please guys :)

update: I wrote this post on Blogger Android app. Luckily I did a copy and paste because the bastard thing failed to publish and lost the post. So back to blogspot on mobile web!

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