Sunday, 24 July 2011

Crappy Update Auction Addons

I hadn't updated my addons since 4.2 hit. I didn't really need to.

I have auctioneer, zero auctions, postal and maybe macaroon that affect auctions and the mail box.

The appraiser window was a bit off showing the hex code (#aaff11) in front of items instead of using the value to colour the text but I could live with that.

But I finally decided to start upgrading them and downloaded the latest auctioneer and zero auctions.

Now the number of unshown mails is missing from my mail box (I thought macaroon did that and I didn't upgrade that :s) but far worse is this bloody scroll wheel for fast posting now.

I was doing fine without it, but now I have it I'm stuck with it I guess.

I could not post anything without activating the key binding. Just clicking on "Yes" to post would close the dialogue, not give me any further options and put the message "no auctions posted" in the log window.

When I actviated the scroll wheel thing in the addon options I can very occassionally get the auctions to post, but more often than not it closes the window and puts that message in the log pane.

I try it outside the addon real-estate, on the "Yes" button, on the auctioneer. Everywhere.

It's Really Pissing Me OFF!!!

Anyone got any ideas?

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