Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My First BoT!

Gonna enjoy the Google searches that get here!

Well, 2 days in and I've already missed a batch of Fireland dailies.

I was about to port over to Hyjal when I saw a call going out for healers for BoT.

I whispered him and told him I was i355 but had never been there. He said that was fine and threw me an invite. This was around 22:30 and I hadn't yet done any dailies.

At this point there was me, the leader, a couple of mates and a LAN party of 3 and we were looking for a healer and 2 dps.

At this point I was flying around BoT trying to find the entrance.

We eventually fill the raid and head in, but a dps is offline. I ask in guild chat and a lock is available so off we pop.

We one-shot the first 2 bosses with only 1 death on some trash. 3 pally healers FTW! Did I mention that?

We move through to the council and are about to start when all the LAN party guys go offline. Great!

We wait and wait, then we replace them and start the trash pull. This goes badly and we eventually wipe with the realisation that a healer is offline. Unsure whether he DC'd before fight or Alt-F4 we hang around for a bit.

It is now approaching 01:00 and people are getting restless; soon the guild lock has to leave and soon after it's raid implosion.

So, on the upside I've now seen the first 2 bosses of BoT and it felt, with the nerfs, more like an easy heroic. How much harder was it pre-4.2?

But, I did get another day behind with my Ireland dailies :(p

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