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Firelands Achievements

Here we have a list of all the achievements obtainable from the new dailies area.

For my own benefit I have marked in Green ones I have got and Red I still have to do.

I will update this as things become clearer to me. If I have made a mistake please let me know. But for now a big shout out to Icy Veins for producing a Wicked Guide to Firelands Dailies.

All Over

Fireside Chat - talking to various NPCs will get you this achievement

Mount Hyjal: Sethria's Roost
Have... Have We Met? - wave at famous NPCs
The Fiery Lords of Sethria's Roost - Kill the four elites
Gang War - win a duel while on Protectors of Hyjal quest

Mount Hyjal: General
Ludicrous Speed - done while doing the Call the Flock quest. There are cheats available for this.
The 'Unbeatable?' Pterodactyl: BEATEN - This is a normal Mount Hyjal achievement that s done in the area. Go through the blue portal and do the Vigilante Wings quest or whatever 10 times.
And the Meek Shall Inherit Kalimdor - Do some things when doing part 1 of the critter quests.
  • Angry Little Squirrel: next to the portal where you summon Pyrachnis and Millagazor in the Grove of Aessina, there is a fallen pine tree on which stand squirrels. Simply kite a fire elemental close to the tree and wait for a squirrel to throw a nut at it. When you hear the ponk sound, the objective will have been completed.
  • Hyjal Bear Cub: during the Those Bears Up There quest, instead of sending a cub to the soft target, simply throw it at a sleeping Brimstone Hound to complete the objective.
  • Alpine Songbird: complete Wings Aflame, the follow-up quest of Call the Flock.
  • Child of Tortolla: during the Punting Season quest, punt a child of Tortolla at a Flame Terror instead of punting it in the water.
Infernal Ambassadors - Kill the part 2 critter quest elite quest mobs in a special way:
  • Slay Pyrachnis without using the Emerald of Aessina. Pyrachnis' poison debuff can be removed with the quest item you receive Emerald of Aessina. Simply kill her without using it.
  • Slay Millagazor without taking damage from Gout of Flames. Millagazor has an ability called Gout of Flame which creates a succession of fire spots on the ground that erupts after a few seconds. The ability follows you, so simply move out of the fire spots that form under you while killing him.
  • Slay Lylagar without taking damage from Lylagar Breath. Lylagar has a fire breath ability. It has a cast time, which leaves you time to move out of the targeted area.
  • Slay Galenges before he is weakened a second time. Galenges originally has a very large health pool and is regularly weakened by a spirit of Malorne. When weakened, Galenges takes 900% increased damage. You need to kill him before he is weakened for a second time.
  • Slay Nemesis at Ashen Lake without taking damage from Molten Fury. Nemesis regularly cast a fire attack called Molten Fury. Avoid it by taking refuge under the shield that Tooga creates.

The Molten Front
Flawless Victory - Solo kill a Molten Behemoth without taking damage from Molten Stomp or Fiery Boulder.
The Molten Front Objective - you'll get there eventually!
Master of the Molten Flow - Shamans in their own flamewake thing. Don't take any damage from hunters barrage and kill a Sentinel while it is carrying a party member.

Druids of the Talon
Death From Above during the Fire in the Skies quest.

Shadow Wardens
King of the Spider-Hill - Use the Cinderweb Spinners to reach the top of the highest stone pillars. Attacking a Cinderweb Spinner will cause it to pull you to its location, enabling you to effectively climb to the top of the Spider Hill. Thank You Icy Veins.

While doing the Strike at the Heart quests, you can obtain the Ready for Raiding II achievement by avoiding the special abilities of the enemy you are faced with.

Finishing Up
Legacy of Leyara - completing Into the Depths is the final quest for this achievement. This requires you to have done ALL of your Marks of the World Tree collecting.

Veteran of the Molten Front - Complete all the other achievements.

Title: The Flamebreaker -complete Veteran of the Molten Front
Mount: Flamweward Hippogryph -complete The Molten Front Objective
Item: Smoke-Stained Locket -complete Legacy of Leyara

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