Tuesday, 5 July 2011

How to Get Your Stormwind Balloon Pet

There is a little Dranei girl called Vin in eastern Cathedral Square behind the orphanage at 58.7,52.8 in Stormwind.

Thr quest is apparently NOT restricted to the DM faire but came with patch 4.2 but you may need to turn low-level quest tracking on to find her if you don't have co-ords.

She has a quest called Blown Away.

Go and collect all her ballons and you'll get yourself one pet nearer to that Menagerie Achievement.

Just wander the streets of Stormwind and you'll see ballons with quest 'sparklies' like so ...

Just loot these 5 times, go hand quest in and jobs a good 'un.

Hmmm, Stupid Smurf ...

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