Friday, 29 July 2011

Reset Mysterious Fortune Card Market

I was having a pseudo argument with a competitor last night whilst I was clearing my mail box of the 500 auction successful emails for 7g Mysterious Fortune Cards.

We probably have the same relationship as Foo and Breevok.

So a short while ago I got back into the MFC market and this guy had been in it since my ban scare so he thought the market was his.

Props to him, he's bought Cold's MFC Guide (well he claims it's his brothers toon and his brother may have bought the guide!) and was using some of the barks.

When I come along and start using some of my editted barks that I got for free from Cold's Blog way back in January I think.

Our relationship began when he accused me of copying him!!! Hahahaha!!

So I put him right and then informed him that I'd spotted that there are currently only 3 pages of MFCs up at the mo. All but 10 of those auctions are singles at 8g49s.

I advise him that when I was running the show the sale value would be 25g and thats exactly where I'm going to put it again. I am not selling any MFCs at the moment but I'm barking like buggery.

Soon there are only 6 x100 and 2 x200 auctions left at 7g a card.

I quickly buy these up as I only have 72 cards left and post singles at 25g, 5s at 24g 10s at 23g 20s at 20g 50s at 17g 100 stacks at 15g and 200 stacks at 10g.

The singles are selling hand over fist and a 200 stack has even sold.

An hour later I am still the only seller - how lucky is that!!

Even better, I get a hate tell from some idiot who says I have ruined the AH by raising the price of cards from 8g to 25g. That one is going straight to Gevlon!!!

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