Monday, 4 July 2011

Icy Pet Goodness and Volatile Life Update

I logged on this morning, on this the penultimate day of the fire festival, and automatically queued for Ahune.

He dropped and I opened up my frosty satchel of icicleness and what was inside ...

I immediately linked it in /guild chat and the other pet collecting achievement whore made his displeasure rather well know. Although I did get a begrudging gz!!

Update (22:00): Oh and I have only just realised. Ahune is the only dungeon I have been queueing as tank for; I am using him for practice.

But I have been questing as tank spec with ret gear. Guess what? I never ever changed to tank gear for him, and very rarely ever wiped or had health issues.

He is such a pussy!!!

Also, an update on the Volatile Life fiasco. I haven't published the pre-cursor to this post, but short story is I bought up shit loads of VL at 6g each with the hope they'd go up in price for the last DM Faire.

They didn't! Leaving me with 40K worth of Volatile Life now worth only 25K and that was if I could shift 40 odd stacks of 200.

Well, bollocks I thought, herbs have been on the cheap I have bank tabs of blackfallow ink and not an insignificant amount of Inferno Inks.

I had vowed not to make any more DM cards as they are a bugger to sell and I still have several from the last faire not sold yet.

However, now I want DM rep for HolyWarrior, so I'll make up a load of decks and any cash from sales is a bonus. The main aim is buying DMF rep!

Sounds like a plan. I'll update you guys on the results...

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