Thursday, 14 January 2010

Patch 3.3 Speculation Results

So, what happened to my speculation on Patch 3.3? I had 3 main areas of speculation. Borean Leather, Saronite Ore and Book of Glyph Masterys.

Glyph Books.
As we know that was totally FUBAR. It turned out that I got this idea off Kevmar I think and that turned out to be mis-information. Never mind Kev. I didn't research it :P I set up a snatch for 30g and was hoping to flip at 50g as this was possible pre-3.3 with some patience. I have managed to trickle a few back into the market for profit/no-loss but with the new dungeon tool the bloody books have flooded in.

Borean Leather.
HBL can now be used to buy Arctic Fur. The premise was that BL and HBL would go up while Arctic Fur would drop and the prices would meet in the middle.

What Happened was that, for whatever reason (best analysed elsewhere), Arctic Fur dropped and leather blipped on patch day and stabilised back at roughly it's old price.

I had 2 guild bank tabs of Borean Leather bought at a very low snatch price. I sold 1 tab of straight leather at 100% profit. It then became more profitable to sell as Heavy Leather so I took the leap and converted it all up.

I have been trickling the HBL on a few stacks of 10 at a time with a 1c undercut. The deposit is way too much to risk failed auctions. I'm now generally selling them between 40-50g / 10 stack. There going as 10s for the ease of players who want a 10 stack for 1 arctic fur.

I'm thinking the Arctic Fur market is too slow to get into. It's too late now. I only have a few stack of HBL left.

Saronite Ore.
The same happened here as with the leather. Titanium dropped, no significant long term change to saronite.

This was really worrying me. I had half a guild bank tab of ore and a full tab of bars. Splitting my risk. The ores all sold out on patch day or the following day. Leaving me with all my bars still. They are slow moving and bloody expensive to have a failed auction on. So as with the leather I have been trickling them back into the AH when the market was favourable.

The other day I spotted someone in trade saying they'd buy all bars for 35g/stack. Now, I had bars on a snatch of 32, but very rarely bought them. My ore was at a snatch of 16g/ore stack (translates to 32g/bar stack) and that is where most of my bars came from. So, he wants 35g/stack. The convo went something like.

[Me]: How about 38g/stack
[Him]: How many you got?
[Me]: 60. So is 38g/stack OK?
[Him]: Sure.
[Me]: OK, 60 in the mail now with a COD of 38g/stack
[Him]: Cool, is that 60 bars?
[Me]: No, that's 60 STACKS
*time passes*
[Him]: &*@~$. Cool thx

I don't know if he was expecting that much or was just surprised that someone had that many, but it got rid of that millstone round my neck and put 2K in my coffers.

Just gotta get rid of those bloody glyph books now.

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KevMar said...

I didn't research the glyph books either. I initialy had a hard time finding information on where the new glyphs were going to come from. Someone told me the books and I never saw anything different.