Tuesday, 12 January 2010

EB beats HW Into Culling of Strat. Grrr!

I'm really getting into this random dungeon tool. Once I'd taken HolyWarrior in for the 1st heroic of the day to get his emblems I thought I'd take EvilBastard out for a spin.

He went into an AN and a UK (both heroics). EB's gear is really crap. Most of the gear is TBC epics or quest reward/levelling greens up to and including Grizzly Hills. He hasn't been into many (if any) dungeons and has a couple of Argent Crusade epics. His gearscore must be appalling.

Oh Shit My DPS is Worse than Crap
This was shown when recount advised me after a few pulls that my DPS was around 693. OK, lets research specs.

According to Saresa over at Destructive Reach this is what we are looking at. (obviously don't CotE if you have a DK or Shammy or something in the group.)

UPDATE. Nibs over at Mystic Chicanery did an excellent article for Affliction Locks and how to choose. She says its an Unholy DK bringing Ebon Plaguebringer or a Boomkin with Earth and Moon when you don't need to bother with CotEl. Also: 3 or more caster need to benefit. Think I'm gonna go back to CoA!!

Curse of the Elements*
Chaos Bolt

* take your pick

Anyway, I won a belt and put an eternal belt buckle in it.

Fucking Stroppy Tanks
In one of the runs the DK tank was getting a bit arsy. He could have been talking to me or to the pally healer. He was raving about crap gear etc. The pally assumed it was aimed at him and came back with the good argument that the noob tank is not going to get healed if the healer is OOM and the tank fucks off 100 yards into the distance and pulls every pack of mobs in site.

I chimed in that the tank was probably talking to me, but the healer was on a roll and just to get at the tank said "It's not your fault your gear isn't exceptional, that's why you're in here!"


I replied with "That was the nicest way I've ever been told that my gear is shit <3"

Anyway, by the time we'd finished I still wasn't using Saresa's rotation but my DPS was up to 800-900. LOL - still crap but I'll work on it.

Later in the evening I though I'd take him out again and after a few hiccups when the LFD popped whilst I was alt-tabbed or off getting a beer and pissing out old beer I finally got in, and it was a CoT:CoS. Grr!!

Back Up Just a little Bit
One of the things I was looking forward to with Wrath was the Culling of Stratholme. But I just have not got round to doing it. I have been doing the instances as I was led into them via levelling. But having hit 80 on EB and HW in Grizzly Hills I'd only done Nexus/Occulus and AN. I've only recently gotten into Ancient Kingdom whatever. So, getting EB into CoS before HW grated a little :P

OK back to the Present
But he is in there so lets make the most of it. I really want to get the storyline and see the event but I guess everyone else in the entire world (of warcraft) has seen the event countless times and it is just boring and/or holding up timed runs. So I didn't get to appreciate one of the most important lore events of the expansion.

So, anyway, off we go speeding through. Kill lots of stuff. Towards the end Arthas says 'speak to me when your ready to go' and everyone has charged off and starts fighting something that's going to hopefully drop an epic mount.

For some reason

a) even though I'd never been in here before
b) was obviously a noob dps'er
c) should have been keeping my head down

I clicked on Arthas and told him to go do his thing.

[someone]: LOCK - you bloody stupid gnome!
[me]: err, oops. was that bad?
[someone]: you don't start stupid slow arthas and get him killed when we're doing a timed run.
[me]: Oops, sorry. It's ok though. he's back :P
*Loot Window for [Reins of Bronze Drake] pops up*
*EB clicks NEED*

And I won the reins to the the drake - hahahhaha.

So off we go and kill Malganis and jobs a good 'un. He's dead and no-one complained that I noobed about and/or that I'd won the reins with little to no input and in fact was just plain useless!!

Moar DPS?
Whilst in CoS I'd been throwing Seed of Corruption around wherever possible and my DPS was up to 1100 at one point! I really must get some more gear and try out Sar's rotation.

On the Subject of instances that I'd not been into, I've also done Halls of Lightning, Violet Hold and a couple of others now. But their meaning is lost. That is why I wanted to do them in order.

To be continued...

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