Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Loving The New Random Dungeon Tool

When 3.3 came out I was writing a review of the new dungeon tool. I only had a couple of screen shots to put in it and polish it up and it was finished. I may still release that post. But probably won't.

SO, just in case I don't I'll just shout about it now.


HolyWarrior has spent quite some time using it, at least the first random dungeon of the day so that he can build up some frost emblems. But today I spent most of my time in there with EvilBastard.

His gear was absolute cack and after quite a few heroics it is a lot better. He's still got a < ilevel 200 trinket but everything else is at least ilevel 200 with a couple of epics.

The weird thing was he did the same heroics several times. He definitely did Halls of Lightning at least 3 times. WTF is that all about. I thought that once you'd done it you were locked to it for a day or something. The dungeon tool even had a padlock against it and said I was locked. It would still let me in and reward me for completing it.

So anyway, as stated in a previous post I was lucky to be kicking out 600-700 dps a few days ago.

Now I can easily put out 1.4K (yeah - dog shit I know) and hit 1.9K if I concentrate. If we're taking on 3 or more mobs I'll switch to Seed of Corruption and can easily get 3K. I even got 4.1K once. Screenshot or it didn't happen!!

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Hulan said...

It's locked in that you can't opt to enter it again, however if you are assigned to it via the random instance finder thent he lock doesn't apply.