Friday, 15 January 2010

3.3 Holy Plate Shopping List

I stumbled over this at Paladin Schmaladin and wanted to record it here for my own benefit before I forget where I found it. Basically it's a list of gear to get with your emblems of frost.

"Anyway, for the Frost Emblem Holy priority (FEHP?) here's what I'd do:

1.) Get 2 pieces of T10 asap. Preferably the shoulders (60 Emblems), chest or head (95 Emblems each), since they have Haste on them. Ignore the gloves. The bonus is ridiculous and completely unfair and I love it. As a Holy Paladin you want to race to this faster than NBC will admit Leno at 10pm was a huge mistake.
2.) Quite the sexy belt, isn't it? Haste, crit, SP and three sockets with the belt buckle? Get it next.
3.) Pick up the Gauntlets of Overexposure (60 Emblems).
4.) Finish the other two pieces of your Tier.
5.) Grab the cloak if you still need it by now, which isn't likely.
6.) Buy the trinket at this point only if you seriously have nothing better and you're FoL spec. But after 4/5 T10, the gloves and the belt, that's 465 badges. Meaning, chances are, you've stumbled across a better cloak. Hopefully this bad boy.
7.) The Libram is pure nonsense and shouldn't be looked at. Ever. At all. Don't even look at it right now. Stop it. Stop. Just stop.

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